Aladdin Movie Review

No Spoilers, I Promise

May 24, 2019

True to 90’s baby form, OF COURSE, I saw the highly anticipated Aladdin film opening day. I grew up watching the original animated version on VHS tapes. The fact that I can say “kids nowadays know nothing about that”, just like our parents, makes me laugh and come to this obvious but still strange realization that... I’m really growing up!

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I went to my show time early to get a good seat ( I HAVE TO HAVE A GOOD SEAT AT THE MOVIES, ALWAYS). I looked around at the faces in the theatre and EVERYONE was an adult! I didn’t see one kid in sight lol.

Aladdin was the perfect blend of the original story from 1992 with a splash of a modern twist for 2019. The live-action actors DID what had to be DONE! Will Smith was literally born to play live-action Genie and did a beautiful job carrying the legacy of Robin Williams’ iconic performance back in ‘92 (may he Rest In Paradise). Aladdin played by Mena Massoud and Princess Jasmine played by Naomi Scott had an organic chemistry on the screen.It really kept the audience engaged throughout the film. Remakes are hard because they are always being compared to the original but these lovebirds did a great job portraying the essence of a diamond in the rough, young man and a rebellious, young Princess. I know I’ll be seeing these two up and coming actors on the big screen again soon.

The colors, music and animations really tugged on the heartstrings of my childhood. The new live-action film did us 90’s babies proud! It’s a feel good, laugh-out-loud, sing-a-long film that’ll have you leaving the theatre joyful.


But, don't just take my word for it!! See it for yourself and let me know how Aladdin made you feel!


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