Romance According to Camila Cabello: Moments, Movies, and Shawn Mendes

Camila answers our rapid fire questions

December 9, 2019

We have stepped in the world of Romance and are already in love.

On Friday, Camila Cabello released her sophomore album, inviting us into her own universe as she tackles love from every angle. Romance is bursting with vulnerability and bops, showcasing her soaring voice as she leads us through her journey.

Dying to know more about the love that influenced her new project, we hit Camila with a round of rapid fire romance questions, from her favorite movie to her Disney prince.

Cabello is a certified Disney fanatic, raving about how adorable Stitch is from Lilo & Stitch, even naming her dog after the prince from Tangled, but when it comes to her own real life love interest there’s no competition. “The most romantic Disney prince is Shawn,” she says as her eyes light up over Shawn Mendes.

“’Tangled’ and ‘About Time’” Cabello says are her favorite romantic movies, unable to pick just one. “Tied” she says with authority.

“My idea of a romantic date is building a fort in the living room and having lots of snacks and watching movies,” she smiles. “In pajamas.”

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Camila also shares the most romantic gift (or gif) she ever received from Mendes via Twitter, her most romantic word, and even her most unromantic moment so far. “I’ve had a lot of unromantic moments in my 22 years of life,” she says with a knowing look.

Flowers or chocolates? Fabio or Christian Grey? Find out all of Camila Cabello’s answers in the video above.

Romance is now available everywhere.

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