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July 12, 2018

A "Forbes" List of the Richest "Self-Made" Women Includes Kylie Jenner?

"Forbes" has a list of American's richest SELF-MADE women . . . and the highest ranking celebrities are Oprah, who's worth $3.1 billion, and Kylie Jenner, who's worth $900 million . . . and is as "self-made" as they come. They put Kylie on the cover . . . and since she's worth $900 MILLION, they boast that she could become the youngest 'self-made' billionaire in history, beating Mark Zuckerberg, who did it at 23. Kylie turns 21 next month. To be fair, Kylie did take her platform and capitalize on it . . . she runs a cosmetics company worth $800 million, and she owns 100% of it, has no employees… she is another business smart Kardashian.. but self made? she didn't start from the bottom. She was rich and famous so young, she was born into opportunity. More details HERE


Someone Stole Demi Moore's Credit Card, and Went on a $169,000 Shopping Spree

A dumb criminal named David Matthew Read came up with a "genius" con: He'd report DEMI MOORE's American Express card missing . . . and then he'd intercept the new one when it arrived. Somehow, he managed to pull that off . . . and then he went out and dropped $169,764.73 at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. It's unclear why he decided to attract so much attention to himself by shopping at department stores . . . maybe he figured Demi wouldn't notice. But she did. Her assistant alerted AmEx of the fraudulent charges . . . and the authorities were able to track the guy down using surveillance footage. Demi hasn't commented. It's CRAZY to think that you could steal someone's credit card and get away with such big purchases . . . but maybe this guy is smarter than he seems. Demi is worth an estimated $150 million. So $169,000 to her is like YOU noticing false charges totaling $16.90 . . . at places you may already shop. More details HERE


The Post-Katrina Homes That Brad Pitt's Charity Built in New Orleans Are in Rough Shape . . . And People Are Upset

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, BRAD PITT stepped up to help. He and his Make It Right charity promised to build 150 affordable houses in the Lower Ninth Ward district of New Orleans. That's pretty cool. But now, there are reports that some of those houses are in pretty rough shape . . . with rotting roofs, walls falling off, and leaking floorboards. And some residents have abandoned their Make It Right homes because they can't afford the repairs. So some feel that Brad ABANDONED them, because he hasn't been around lately, and the last house was built in 2016. And they still haven't reached their goal. Brad and his charity 'only' built a little over 100 homes. There's no comment from Brad or Make It Right . . . but an anonymous source "close" to Brad says the project is still ongoing, and is very much a priority. More details HERE


Chris Lane Would Like to Be On "The Bachelor"

CHRIS LANE says he's not dating anyone right now. He's been focusing on his career . . . and taking things one day at a time. But he tells Taste of Country that he would be interested in being on "The Bachelor". He says, "Providing I would have enough time to do it, I would. I wanna be the guy who gets to choose between all the girls." Chris is a fan of both shows and says one guy on this season's "Bachelorette" has really cracked him up. Quote, "The guy who calls himself the male model . . . he has me rolling. The reason it's funny is because you're embarrassed for him and the fact that he's saying all this stuff and he's real about it." More details HERE


Cardi B and Offset welcome their baby girl 

CARDI B and OFFSET welcomed their daughter on Tuesday.  Her name is Kulture! Twitter was having fun with that n ame… and Nickci Minaj sent Cardi B a $5,000 gift basket for their nerborn! Pretty fancy baby items from fancy Hollywood baby botiques! Toys, clothes, dolls, silver rattles…More details HERE


We already have wedding details for Hailey and Justin

JUSTIN BIEBER and HAILEY BALDWIN are reportedly planning a very small, private wedding . . . probably in Canada. More details HERE




---I guess vegetarians aren't cool enough anymore, because PETA is now crowning its Most Beautiful VEGANS. More details HERE

---CHILDISH GAMBINO released two new tracks:  "Summertime Magic" and "Feels Like Summer". More details HERE

---TWENTY ONE PILOTS dropped the details on their new album, and released videos for two new songs.  More details HERE

 ---A new suspect has been arrested in XXXTENTACION's murder.  More details HERE

---There's a movie in the works about OZZY OSBOURNE, but get this: It WON'T be about sex or drugs. How is that possible? Because SHARON OSBOURNE is behind it. More details HERE

---Tekashi 6ix9ine's tour ended on a sour note when he came home, police were waiting for him at the airport and is now in police custody, for an assault in Houston, Texas. More details HERE