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FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018

July 13, 2018

The Emmy Nominees Are Out, and the Big Winners Are Netflix, "Game of Thrones", "SNL", and "Westworld"

The nominees for this year's Emmys are out . . . and "Game of Thrones" leads the way with 22 nominations. "SNL" and "Westworld" also did well, and Netflix ended HBO's 17-year run as the most-nominated network….So Netflix is officially the new king of TV. Netflix scored 112 nominations. NBC will air "The Primetime Emmy Awards" live on September 17th. "Roseanne" got two Emmy nominations, but Roseanne Barr wasn't personally recognized. And this year's Emmy 'snubs' include: "Modern Family", "The Good Doctor", "Real Time with Bill Maher", and Al Pacino.


Celebrities Lost a Bunch of Followers as Twitter Purged Fake Accounts

Twitter started purging FAKE accounts yesterday, meaning that celebrities saw their follower counts drop . . . in many cases by MILLIONS. The good news for KATY PERRY is that she's still the most followed person on Twitter. She lost 1.5 million as of yesterday afternoon, but that was only a drop of 1.4%. She still had 108.1 million. Ironically, Twitter itself took the biggest hit, with the company's @Twitter account losing over 7.5 million followers. The account's total remaining followers as of last night was 55.1 million. PRESIDENT TRUMP had only lost about 300,000 from @realDonaldTrump, bringing his total down to 53.1 million. BARACK OBAMA, ELLEN DEGENERES, and TAYLOR SWIFT lost around 2 million followers each. And JUSTIN BIEBER and LADY GAGA lost about 1.5 million. As Twitter continues THE PURGE, these numbers could drop even more. More details HERE


There's a GoFundMe to Help Kylie Jenner Become a Billionaire

Were you not saddened to learn that KYLIE JENNER is a full $100 million short of being a billionaire? Did you not hear the Sarah McLachlan music as you stared into those big . . . eyes of hers? Well, now you can help. A comedian you may have heard of who calls himself The Fat Jewish has started a GoFundMe page to raise that $100 million and make Kylie a legit billionaire. And some people have actually pitched in. Last I checked, 24 people had donated a whopping $123. Which means only $99,999,877 to go! More details HERE


Cops Were Called to Bill Cosby's Birthday Party

Police were called to BILL COSBY's Philadelphia home yesterday, where he was having a party to celebrate his 81st birthday. I know what you're thinking, but no . . . no women reported having a drink and then losing an hour or two of their lives. I know what ELSE you're thinking, and no . . . no white women called the police to report a bunch of black people having fun. What happened was, they had a five-piece jazz band, and someone called in a noise complaint. Cosby's rep says police never entered the property, and they didn't make the band stop playing More details HERE


New music from Ariana Grande

So Ariana Grande released a new song called “God is a woman” but I don’t think GOD would be very happy with her language lately.. have you seen her twitter? She is droppin the P word EVERYWHERE! AND talking very… out of character… saying “YO IM LIT… IM A GISSAH… ISSA LEGIT SONG” More details HERE



--Watch Will Smith do the "Shiggy Challenge" On Top of a Bridge. More details HERE

--AMY SCHUMER is shutting down pregnancy rumors. More details HERE

--DJ Khaled is planning to cash in on his fame, with his own line of soap. More details HERE

--Oh and speaking of DJ Khaled, he teased a new song with Justin Bieber! He has been seen with Chance the Rapper and QUAVO A LOT LATELY TOO.. APPARENTLY THIS NEW MUSIC WILL BE ON HIS 11TH Studio album called “Father of Asahd”  More details HERE

--Pusha T is developing an app called HEIR. Users vote on different hip hop tracks.. like thumbs up or down and the goal is for fans to engage more with artist. More details HERE