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July 18, 2018

13 On-Screen Best Friends Who Reportedly Hated Each Other in Real Life

A lot of people have someone at the office who they really can't stand . . . but they have to pretend to like. And Hollywood is no different. There's a list of 13 sets of actors who had to play best friends on screen, but who reportedly HATED each other in real life. Some of them are legendary, and others you may not have known about. HERE they are


The Lesbian "Batwoman" from the Comics is Getting Her Own CW Show

The CW recently said that they're introducing Batwoman in a DC crossover event this December. And now, they're developing a separate show for her. Oh, and she just happens to be a LESBIAN. There's no word yet who's playing Batwoman. The Batwoman show wouldn't premiere until the fall of NEXT year at the earliest. By the way, even though this is very notable for a TV series, Batwoman has been a lesbian in the COMICS since the character was reintroduced in 2006. If you watch the CW's other superhero shows and want to nerd out looking for hidden clues about the crossover . . . Batwoman's secret identity is Katherine Kane. More details HERE


Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child is Seeking Help for Depression

MICHELLE WILLIAMS from DESTINY'S CHILD has checked into a mental health facility to treat her depression. She said, quote, "Today I proudly, happily and healthily stand here as someone who will continue to always lead by example as I tirelessly advocate for betterment of those in need." More details HERE


Is Beyoncé on the run from pregnancy rumors? 

We have heard for a little while that beyonce is pregnant with baby number 4 but she has yet to confirm or deny! We have more footage from fans where it looks like she has put on a little tummy weight.. AND the fact that she is wearing baggy clothes in public and was seen wearing a shirt that said CARTER 4, Taking photos with murals that has the number 4 in the background… I dunno, do we have another baby?! More details HERE



--With the help of MEGHAN MCCAIN, TAYLOR SWIFT met with a fan who's battling brain cancer. More details HERE

--So it turns out CHANCE THE RAPPER is NOT releasing a new album this week after all.  More details HERE

-- Do You Know Kylie Jenner Better Than Travis Scott Does? Probably. The two were featured in GQ, their love story, and they played the Kylie QUIZ, Basically asking Travis a ton of questions about her to see how much he knew, and he didn't know all that much, like THE NAME OF HER DOGS! More details HERE

--LeBron James may be the best basketball player in the world, but the same can't be said about his rap skills. More details HERE