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Tuesday July 24, 2018

July 24, 2018

Pete Davidson Deleted His Instagram . . . But He and Ariana Grande are Still Together

PETE DAVIDSON deleted EVERYTHING from his Instagram account yesterday, but don't worry . . . America's most annoying couple is NOT in danger. He and ARIANA GRANDE are doing fine. Pete issued a statement saying there's nothing wrong, he just doesn't want to be on social media anymore because, quote, "The Internet is an evil place and it doesn't make me feel good." He added, quote, "Why should I spend any time on negative energy when my real life is [effing] lit. The fact that I even have to say this proves my point. I love you all and I'm sure I'll be back at some point." More details HERE


Former MTV VJ Jesse Camp Is Missing

Remember when the "M" in MTV stood for MUSIC . . . and they actually played Music videos? And they had VJs to introduce those music videos? Well, one of those VJs is missing . . . and I don't mean in a "Gosh, I haven't seen Martha Quinn in ages" kind of way. JESSE CAMP was reported missing by his sister last Thursday. She said he generally called his mother every week, but she hadn't heard from him since about the 11th or the 12th. An ex-girlfriend says she tried to call him, but a stranger answered his phone, and said Jesse had given him the phone and three bags of property. Jesse got his job at MTV by winning their "Wanna Be a VJ" contest in 1998. Before that, he had been homeless. He's 38 now. More details HERE

R. Kelly Puts Out a 19-Minute Song Called "I Admit" . . . and Admits Nothing

R. KELLY put out a 19-minute song called "I Admit", and he spends the whole song admitting to pointless stuff like being a bad speller and loving his fans. He also addresses the controversies and sexual assault accusations against him, but he DENIES those. Here are six 'notable' lyrics:

1. R. Kelly says he has sex with younger women, but he's not a pedophile. Quote, "I admit I [eff ] with all the ladies, that's both older and young ladies. But tell me how they call it pedophile because that [stuff] is crazy."

2. He doesn't know what a sex cult is. Quote, "What's the definition of a cult? What's the definition of a sex slave? Go to the dictionary, look it up. Let me know, I'll be here waiting."

3. Whatever it is, he's SURE isn't running one. Quote, "Said I'm abusing these women, what the [eff] . . . they're brainwashed, really? . . . kidnapped, really? . . . can't eat, really . . . real talk, that [stuff] sound silly."

4. But IF he were running a sex cut, it'd be the girls' parents' fault. Quote, "Her father dropped her off at my show, and told this boy to put her on stage . . . don't push your daughter in my face . . . 'cause your agenda is to get paid."

5. He's just a man. Quote, "Look I'm just a man y'all, not a monster or beast, but I admit there are times when these girls so fine, they'll chill with [me] for a week."

6. He feels misunderstood. Quote, "I never thought it would come to this, to be the most disrespected artist . . . so I had to write a song about this, 'cause they always take my words and twist it. Believe me it's hard to admit all this, but I'm in my feelings about this [stuff]. But I had to set the [effin'] record straight."

Give it a listen HERE


Color Me Badd Singer Bryan Abrams Was Arrested for Assaulting a Bandmate Onstage

COLOR ME BADD singer BRYAN ABRAMS was arrested for assault after shoving a bandmate during a show. On Saturday night, Color Me Badd was performing at a casino in New York, when Bryan randomly SHOVED fellow band member Mark Calderon onstage at the end of the show. Mark fell over, and crashed into some sound equipment. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated for neck and back pain. He's fine, as far as we know. Bryan had been struggling with his voice, and he'd left the stage earlier. It sounds like alcohol was a factor, and jealousy too. Sources say that when he shoved Mark he screamed, quote, "I'm mother[effing] Color Me Badd!" Bryan was arrested and booked for misdemeanor assault, and was released after posting $2,000 bail. More details HERE



--Yesterday will go down in history as the Day the Music Died . . . because DIARRHEA PLANET announced that they're breaking up. More details HERE 

--What is with this face in butt thing? More details HERE

--LORDE suffered what could have been an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. More details HERE

--During yet another rainy show at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, TAYLOR SWIFT wiped out . . . but handled it like a pro.  More details HERE

--DJ KHALED is dropping a new single on Friday called "No Brainer", with JUSTIN BIEBER, QUAVO, and CHANCE THE RAPPER. More details HERE

--Well, Kanye will probably never come back to Virginia Beach, because right when he got home from Pushas wedding.. he was in the hostpital. More details HERE




Kanye West ended up in the hospital Sunday, right when he got back from Virginia Beach he got super sick… so Kim rushed him there, and it looks like he has the flu.