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July 31, 2018

Andrew Lincoln Explains Why He's Leaving "The Walking Dead"

Losing ANDREW LINCOLN is a HUGE blow to "The Walking Dead" . . . but the choice came down to the show vs. family, and family won. He says, quote, "I have two young children, and I live in a different country, and they become less portable as they get older. It was that simple. It was time for me to come home." Lincoln is British, and "The Walking Dead" shoots in Georgia. He's played the lead character, Rick Grimes, since the show premiered on Halloween night in 2010. More details HERE


Florida Georgia Line and Bebe Rexha's "Meant to Be" Has Set a Billboard Record

It's official: The FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE and BEBE REXHA hit "Meant to Be" has broken the record for the longest stay at Number One on the " Billboard" Hot Country Songs chart. It's been at the top for 35 weeks. That surpasses the previous record holder, SAM HUNT's "Body Like A Back Road", which spent 34 weeks at #1 last year. Ironically, when Sam set that record, he blew past Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise", which ruled for 24 weeks in 2012-13. More details HERE


Somebody go help Bow Wow, he’s falling off the deep end

So BOW WOW went on a weird rant where he threatened to quit rap, give away all his money, and get a job at GameStop. Some girl tweeted a photo of him at a club surrounded by women with the caption “Once a cheater, always a cheater,He’s been in the club the last 2 nights being real friendly. Even kicked my friend and me out his section because we was recording, it ain’t like he’s big time.” Within hours, Bow Wow lashed back. “I dont do cameras u stupid bitch! Come in my section recording! So we shut your bright ass camera down u got mad so u tweet my bitch. Id pay a bitch 1000 to slap the lacefront off yo dusty ass! This goes for the rest of you hoes! LEAVE ME AND MINE THE F—K ALONE.” THEN he claimed to be giving away all of his” money” fortune: “Im cash apping all my money away today. So if you want some free money yall can have it… lets see if you think money makes you happy” THEN In another deleted tweet, he said he needed to see his therapist. More details HERE


We have an update on Demi Lovato

So we thought Demi would be out of the hospital by now, maybe on her way to rehab but no.. it looks like that’s not gonna happen for a little while, she is STILL very ill, suffering from extreme nausea and a high fever, among other things in the hospital… some statement said its from the Narcan but to me it sounds like withdrawals. More details HERE


Lots of relationship news! Engagements, new couples and a break up

GINA RODRIGUEZ from "Jane the Virgin" is engaged ( DETAILS HERE ).. THEN It looks like ROBERT PATTINSON and SUKI WATERHOUSE have something going on ( DETAILS HERE ) AND we’ve learned JOHN CENA and NIKKI BELLA are officially done ( DETAILS HERE )