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August 20, 2018

Ben Affleck Went Out with a "Playboy" Playmate . . . And His Girlfriend Deleted Her Instagram

BEN AFFLECK was spotted at a restaurant in Malibu on Thursday night with "Playboy" Playmate SHAUNA SEXTON. A witness says, quote, "[It] looked like maybe a first date. They weren't affectionate but seemed to have a fun dinner . . . She looked very cute, and he seemed interested." Shauna is 22 and this year's Miss May . . . Ben is 46. So what about Ben's girlfriend? Last anyone knew, he was dating that "Saturday Night Live" producer, Lindsay Shookus. But the last time they were seen together was late July. And it looks like she deleted her Instagram over the weekend. There's been no official word of a breakup . . . but the "New York Post" says friends believe Ben broke up with her. Details HERE


Tara Reid Gave a Bizarre Interview, and the Internet Is Concerned

TARA REID seemed WASTED while giving an interview about the new "Sharknado" movie on the Australian "Today" show on Thursday. She was slurring her words . . . rarely looking into the camera . . . and heavily squinting for some reason. Clearly, she was having a hard time, and the Internet got concerned. Tara hasn't commented directly . . . but other than sounding like a mess, she seemed in good spirits, and was really excited about the movie. (Which could be another sign that she wasn't in the right state of mind.) In any event, the next day Tara seemed a little more 'normal' . . . at least for her . . . in an interview on the U.S. "Today" show. But in yet another interview on Friday, she did seem a little off. Tara went to rehab for alcohol abuse 10 years ago . . . but it sounds like she'll eventually blame painkillers and exhaustion for this latest insanity. On Friday, she Tweeted that she would be cutting her promo tour short due to, quote, "back issues." She said she's hoping to "recover from the pain soon." It's worth noting that she was being piped in VIA SATELLITE in the Australian interview, and they were having trouble with a delay in the feed. That could explain SOME of the awkwardness, but not the slurring. Details HERE


14 Backstreet Boys Fans were Hospitalized . . . But Not by the Music

A BACKSTREET BOYS show in Oklahoma had to be canceled on Saturday, after more than a dozen people were hospitalized. The boys were supposed to play an outdoor venue at the Colosseum at WinStar World Casino and Resort, but staff started clearing people out due to heavy rain and 80-mile-per-hour winds. About 150 people decided not to leave, which was obviously a mistake. The wind pushed over a large metal structure, injuring at least 14 people. The Backstreet Boys issued a statement saying, quote, "We never want to put our fans in harm's way and with tonight's weather and the injuries from earlier, we have decided to cancel the show and will attempt to reschedule. "The most important thing is for everyone to get home safely and we will see you all very soon!"  Details HERE


Marilyn Manson Collapsed During a Show Saturday

MARILYN MANSON collapsed four songs into a show in Houston on Saturday night. He's currently on the Twins of Evil tour with ROB ZOMBIE. Manson had pretty much gotten through "Sweet Dreams" when he went down, after spending the song supporting himself on his mic stand. The word is that he's suffering from food poisoning . . . although earlier in the show he told the crowd he had "heat poisoning." Photographers were even asked to leave the pit area before the show, because Manson didn't want to be photographed in the state he was in. Manson and Zombie usually sing "Helter Skelter" together, but when it came time on Saturday, Zombie had to handle it solo. He told the crowd, quote, "My dear friend Mr. Manson is feeling under the weather. He’s probably on the bus feeling like crap." Details HERE


Drake Dissed Kanye . . . In Kanye's Hometown

DRAKE dissed KANYE WEST during a show Saturday night . . . in Kanye's hometown of Chicago. He changed the lyric from his song "Know Yourself" from "Kanye dropped" to "Kanye FLOPPED." He did get a few boos, but from these clips, it doesn't sound like there were many. Earlier this year, PUSHA T took a shot at Drake's lyrical abilities on a track that was produced by Kanye. Drake replied in a song called "Duppy Freestyle", where he reminded Pusha that Kanye actually reached out to HIM for help with some songs for the "Life of Pablo" album. Details HERE



--About 12 People Saw Kevin Spacey's New Movie on Its Opening Night: The 'hot' new KEVIN SPACEY movie "Billionaire Boys Club" debuted in theaters on Friday, and promptly made $126, which means about 12 people saw it. And it couldn't even make $500 over the whole weekend. Details HERE

--ARIANA GRANDE says that her family pronounced her last name 'GRANDY,' as if it rhymed with 'Candy.' But her brother changed it to GRAHN-DAY when she started getting famous, because he thought it sounded cooler. Speaking of Ariana, her new album "Sweetener" broke a Spotify record on Friday. She had 15.1 million streams, which is the biggest opening day for a female artist. Details HERE

--The cast of MTV's "The Hills" have some kind of big announcement to make on the red carpet of the "VMAs". Details HERE

--AL SHARPTON probably shouldn't be on TV trying spell the word "Respect" if he doesn't even know how. Details HERE

--Don'texpect Cardi B to make a triumphant return to rap at the VMAs Monday, 'cause her appearance won't include a performance.

--Nicki Minaj is going nuclear, blaming Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi for Travis Scott's victory over her on the charts.