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October 2, 2018

Taylor Swift Bought a Service Dog for an 8-YearOld Autistic Boy, Then Brought Him and His Family to a Concert

A few years ago, Taylor put up $10,000 to get a therapy dog for an autistic boy named Jacob Hill. And this past Saturday, she invited Jacob and his family to her show in Houston. Jacob, who's 8 now, got front row seats and backstage passes for himself, his mother Allison, his sister Jordan, AND the dog, whose name is Reid. Allison says, quote, "Taylor Swift was so kind. She said Reid was a big puffball and so cute. She was especially awesome with Jacob. She didn't see my son's disability, she just saw him." More details HERE


Cardi B Turned Herself in to the Cops Over a Strip Club Brawl

CARDI B surrendered to police yesterday over a strip club brawl that took place in August. Two female bartenders from Angels Strip Club in Queens . . . who are also sisters . . . say Cardi ordered a beatdown on them over rumors that one of them slept with her man OFFSET. A lawyer for the women says Cardi ordered her people to throw bottles at the women, then later, quote, "participated in an assault against them." Cardi wasn't arrested, but TMZ says she'll be charged with misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. Cardi denies the women's claims, and says they're just looking for publicity More details HERE

If You Text Tim McGraw, He'll Sort of Text You Back

TIM MCGRAW is still posting odd things on social media to get our attention. First there was his "I Need Jesus Or I Need Whiskey" post. Then yesterday he put up this phone number: 615-205-5687 . . . and captioned it, "I'll text you back." No, that's not his personal number, it's part of an automated service. If you call the number, it says the mailbox is full, but then you get an automated response. The message says, quote, "Hey it's Tim, this is an auto text to let you know I got your text, everything else will be coming directly from me or my team. I've got some pretty cool things happening this week, so make sure you add yourself to my phone to stay in touch." No word yet on what he's promoting. More details HERE


Kanye west is 'off of medication,' going to record in africa

KIM KARDASHIAN says KANYE WEST's "Yandhi" album is being pushed back to November 23rd, but it'll be "worth the wait."  And Kanye said he's going to Africa to finish it. "I need to go to what is known as Africa — I need to find out what it’s really called…and just grab the soil and be and cook food.” He went on to explain that all of the albums he’d previously released weren’t on the same level as the music he’s currently working on. “Those five albums that I dropped earlier were like superhero rehabilitation. Now the alien Ye is fully back in mode, off of medication, working out, breaking as much fresh air as possible, thinking, doing, being himself.” More details HERE

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married and for some reason, they chose to lie about it.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin ran off at got married last month, officially. Remember they went to the court house to get their marriage license? Well they officially got married too and they did it so quickly there is NO PRE-NUP. I was told they reached out the very same day they got hitched, but there was no way to get a pre-nup drafted and signed that quickly. So, Justin and Hailey got married without a prenup and there's been no movement to have one drafted now. It would be called a postnup -- same as a prenup but signed after the marriage. Justin's net worth is estimated at $250 million and Hailey is reportedly worth a couple of million. A formal ceremony will still happen! More details HERE


Louis C.K. Did Another Surprise Gig in New York, and Got a Mostly Positive Response

LOUIS C.K. isn't backing down from his attempt to make a comeback. He did another surprise gig at the Comedy Cellar in New York on Sunday night . . . and the "Hollywood Reporter" says he got a "warm greeting" from the crowd. A "source" said that the crowd was, quote, "very enthusiastic" . . . but they also noted that two people left and asked for refunds. The "Hollywood Reporter" posted a brief audio clip of him being announced, and getting loud applause. For what it's worth, the "New York Post" claims the audience was "unhappy" . . . but it's unclear if their source saw something different, or if they're exaggerating. In any event, Louis did NOT bring up #MeToo or the allegations against him. More details HERE


Netflix Is Doing a "Choose Your Own Adventure" Episode of "Black Mirror

Netflix has recently introduced a "choose your own adventure" element to some of their kids' programming . . . and now they're looking to make a broader move, by bringing it to some adult shows. The idea is to blend elements of video games with traditional TV, by allowing viewers to make choices AS they watch. They'll test the waters on an episode of "Black Mirror", which makes sense because the show is about the implications of emerging technology. It'll be an episode from the upcoming fifth season, which hits Netflix in December. This will be the first of a new line of "interactive" content that they're developing. Two of the other potential projects involve adaptations of video games, but they'll be shows, movies, or specials . . . not actual "games." More details HERE