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October 25, 2018

Ice-T Was Arrested for Speeding Past a Toll Booth Without Paying

In the criminal justice system, traffic offenses are still considered illegal. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate sexually-based offenses are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. And they aren't above the law. Yesterday, "Law & Order: SVU" superstar ICE-T was arrested for blowing past a bridge toll in New York City in a brand new sports car . . . without paying. He was on the George Washington Bridge, and he went through an E-ZPass lane . . . without an E-ZPass. The cops noticed . . . probably because he was driving a McLaren 720S sports car. Even worse, the car wasn't registered, so he was busted for that, too. Sources say Ice just got the car shipped from California, and didn't have a toll transmitter on him . . . although he supposedly has seven of them in his other cars. More details HERE


Jennifer Garner is Dating a Guy Who Champions the Use of Burger-Flipping Machines

If you work in the fast food industry, JENNIFER GARNER's new boyfriend wants to put you out of work. Sources say Jen is " casually dating" a guy name John Miller. He's the CEO of CaliGroup, which owns CaliBurger, a chain similar to In-N-Out, but with one big difference: It uses burger flipping MACHINES. The company's plan is that by the end of 2019, all of its locations will employ FLIPPY . . . a robot that can cook 150 burgers an hour. According to a recent YouTube video, Flippy is not ready to work alone. He still needs human help. But the way his "co-worker" is talking, Flippy is constantly being upgraded, and it sounds like he might be self-sufficient in the near future. More details HERE


Is Sandra Bullock's New Movie "A Quiet Place", but With Blindfolds"?

SANDRA BULLOCK stars in an upcoming horror movie called "Bird Box", and it looks good. But it also looks kind of like "A Quiet Place", but with blindfolds. Here's what I gather from the new trailer that just came out . . . Some sort of EVIL descends upon mankind . . . and if you look at it, you see your greatest fear and you kill yourself. So those who survive have to wear blindfolds or otherwise get around without looking at stuff too much. Kinda like how they couldn't make noise in "A Quiet Place". Of course, the suicide element is reminiscent of Mark Wahlberg's "The Happening". Anyway, "Bird Box" is a Netflix movie, and it premieres on December 21st. More details HERE

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are Doing a Christmas Special on NBC

JOHN LEGEND is milking Christmas for all it's worth this year. His album, "A Legendary Christmas" comes out tomorrow. His "Legendary Christmas Tour" kicks off on November 15th in Clearwater Florida. And now this . . . John and his wife CHRISSY TEIGEN are doing a Christmas SPECIAL. "A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy" airs on Wednesday, November 28th on NBC. John will sing songs from the album, and he and Chrissy will be joined by friends and family . . . and other celebrities, of course. There's no word on any names yet. More details HERE




MEGYN KELLY is STILL apologizing for arguing in favor of blackface on Halloween, but it may be too late. Sources say NBC is canceling her hour of the "Today" show . . . and shifting her back to harder news and politics. More details HERE

"Forbes" came out with their list of the '10 Highest Paid TV Actors,' and not surprisingly, the list is loaded with the male stars of "The Big Bang Theory" and "Modern Family". In fact, they make up eight of the 10.  Check out the list HERE

Casey Anthony's dad has heard the rumor that his daughter is open to having more kids.  His response?  "I hope she does better this time around." More details HERE

"Modern Family" killed off that character last night.  If you want to know who it was, click HERE

POST MALONE has spent more than $40,000 on food and drink in the last 400 days using the delivery app Postmates. Details HERE

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE had to postpone last night's show at Madison Square Garden because of severely bruised vocal cords.  Details HERE