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October 26, 2018

Soo either somebody needs to help Justin Bieber out or he is fooling us all. Paparazzi snapped a pic of him enjoying a burrito but the boy is eating it like its corn on the cob. He is legit eating it sideways. More details HERE


A clueless remake is in the works. Just TRASH. Nothing is sacred anymore. WHY WOULD HOLLYWOOD DO THIS TO US. More details HERE


Ariana Grande announced the dates for her WORLD TOUR. She is not coming to Hampton Roads but of course near by.. DC, Raleigh and Charlotte. More details HERE


The rumor is NBC is planning on cutting ties with MEGYN KELLY altogether, even though she still has almost two years left on her three-year, $69 million contract. I heard that NBC and Megyn's people are already negotiating a buy-out . . . and that Megyn wants $50 million. It's unclear how much she's still owed. If this IS true, it's too early to speculate where she might go next, but some have suggested a return to Fox News. That might not be an option, though. When asked about Megyn, the network released this short statement: Quote, "We're extremely happy with our entire lineup." (Two years ago, Fox reportedly tried to out-bid NBC by offering Megyn $100 million to stay.) By the way, GERALDO RIVERA thinks Megyn deserves a break. He said her comments were "grotesque and indefensible in many ways," but that she got "the short end of the stick." He added, quote, "People make mistakes." More details HERE


KANYE WEST says he did a song with NICKI MINAJ that tackles two stigmas women face: Being shamed for sleeping with too many people, and being body-shamed when they get plastic surgery. More details HERE


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are getting married SOON! Like December! And we know it’ll be in India! More details HERE


"Forbes" has a list of the '10 Highest Paid TV Actresses,' and for the SEVENTH year in a row, SOFIA VERGARA from "Modern Family" is #1. More details HERE