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April 10, 2019

Maybe LORI LOUGHLIN and her husband should have pleaded guilty with FELICITY HUFFMAN on Monday . . . because yesterday they got hit with a brand new charge. In addition to the fraud charges, Lori, her husband Mossimo Giannulli, and 14 other parents are now facing a charge of conspiracy to commit money laundering. The money laundering charge comes from the fact that the money these parents paid to get their kids into college was funneled through a fake charity. It carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison . . . just like the fraud charge. More details HERE

After an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday night, SCARLETT JOHANSSON got tailed by FIVE CARS full of paparazzi. And she wasn't happy. She actually made a stop at the Hollywood police station, but didn't end up filing a report. She did release a statement yesterday, saying this kind of garbage has to STOP. She said the cars were, quote, "running red lights and putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk so they could follow me to find out where I was staying and subsequently stalk me and my young daughter for the duration of my stay." But then she added, quote, "All of this is perfectly legal." She's calling for a law recognizing the paparazzi as, quote, "The criminal stalkers they are," adding, quote, "It's just a waiting game before another person gets seriously injured or killed, like Princess Diana." More details HERE


There's a new "Grease" movie in the works . . . but this one won't be a sequel starring an aging Olivia Newton-John and balding John Travolta. It's a PREQUEL. It's called "Summer Loving" and it's about how Sandy and Danny met at the beach and enjoyed a little teen romance before their surprise reunion at Rydell High. In other words, it's the story Danny and Sandy tell in the song " Summer Nights". That's the one where Danny gives his buddies a slightly more R-rated version of their love affair than Sandy gives to the girls. More details HERE


Nobody services their fans like TAYLOR SWIFT, and she just proved it again.  Yesterday, a fan named Lindsay shared video of herself receiving a package from Taylor. Lindsay is in the hospital recovering from a car accident, where she broke her back AND her neck.  She'd been posting about her recovery online. Taylor saw her posts, and sent some flowers and a handwritten note . . . which said, quote, "Hi buddy.  I'm so sorry to hear about the accident.  My heart aches knowing that such a wonderful person is having to go through this. "I hope these flowers brighten your day.  You're gonna rock that neck brace and soon we'll all be bopping at shows together again.  Give hugs to your family for me.  I'm so happy you're okay.  Love, Taylor." In her video, Lindsay is BAWLING when she realizes the flowers and the note are from Taylor.  It obviously meant the world to her. More details HERE


Camila Cabello’s world will never be the same. She is set to make her feature acting debut for a new telling of the classic fairy tale Cinderella. Cabello will not only star in the project but also will be involved in the music for the film. Theyre describing it as amodern reimagining of the traditional tale. More details HERE


ARIANA GRANDE is trademarking the phrase "Thank U, Next" for a beauty line.  More details HERE


There's been talk that JAMIE FOXX and KATIE HOLMES had broken up . . . but here they are holding hands. More details HERE