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April 11, 2019

At this point, nothing surprises me anymore. Not even KIM KARDASHIAN becoming a LAWYER. Yes, it's happening. She's not going to law school. In a new interview with " Vogue", Kim says she's doing it through California's "reading the law" program, where you study on your own and work with a practicing attorney. She's doing a four-year apprenticeship with a firm in San Francisco, and she plans to take the bar exam in 2022. Helping PRESIDENT TRUMP with prison reform was the turning point for Kim, but she says her interest in law goes back to seeing her dad, Robert Kardashian, work on the O.J. Simpson case. More details HERE


Cardi B worries her daughter Kulture will forget about her when she's away. Which isn’t crazy, the first day I went back to work I worried Kobe would forget about me haha She was at the Beutycon Festival in NY and opened up about how difficult it is combining motherhood with her successful music career and said that it has been much more difficult than she expected. More details HERE


Back in January, JENNIFER LOPEZ posted a picture on Instagram showing off her ridiculous body . . . as J-Lo often does. And she got a reaction from her ex-boyfriend DIDDY . He responded with an "OMG", in all caps. ALEX RODRIGUEZ noticed . . . and left a comment of his own: "Lucky me." During a interview yesterday, J-Lo said that Diddy actually reached out to Alex to APOLOGIZE . . . quote, "He was like, 'I didn't mean anything by it. I have nothing but respect for you guys. I'm so happy for you guys.'" As for Alex's "Lucky me" comment, J-Lo said, quote, "He doesn't play. He's a crazy Dominican. Do not disrespect that man."  More details HERE


BILLIE EILISH didn't realize the SPICE GIRLS were a legit girl group. She says, quote, "I thought all the music was written for the movie ['Spice World']. I thought all the characters were cast for those characters. "I didn't figure it out until two years ago." And maybe Billie deserves a pass . . . because she's 17, and was born in 2001, AFTER the Spice Girls broke up. But she is a fan. In another interview she said, quote, "I watched that movie like 40 times. I remember seeing Spice Girls [were coming back] and thinking, 'Oh my god, they're re-enacting the movie.'" More details HERE


Apparently, there's a rumor that SELENA GOMEZ is dating NIALL HORAN.  And apparently, it's not true.  More details HERE


JUSTIN BIEBER is releasing a new collaboration with LIL DICKY next week. More details HERE


DRAKE is working on new music More details HERE