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Monday May 6 2018

May 6, 2019

Luke Perry Was Laid to Rest in an Eco-Friendly "Mushroom Burial Suit"

LUKE PERRY was laid to rest in an environmentally-friendly "mushroom burial suit." His daughter said he was really excited about the idea when he heard about it . . . and i t was "one of his final wishes." More details HERE


Madonna Says She Has No Role Models Because There's Nobody Else Like Her

MADONNA was featured in the new issue of "British Vogue" and she says she has no role models because, quote, "nobody does what I do . . . there isn't anybody else in my position." She also said she's fighting ageism, because she's being punished for turning 60. If she stopped there, maybe she could have gotten away with it. But she didn't. Quote, "I can look back at women who I think were great and amazing . . . . . but they didn't have kids. "Being a single parent of six children, I continue to be creative and be an artist and be politically active, to have a voice, to do all the things that I do. So, I mean, there isn't anybody in my position." More details HERE


Who will be Ellie Gouldings wedding DJ

So Ellie Goulding is getting married and she wants Diplo as her DJ, But she says its because he owes her. She just recently joined Diplo on stage at Coachella to perform “Close To Me.” More details HERE


The Wrapper from One of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Wedding Ring Pops is on eBay

When JOE JONAS and SOPHIE TURNER got married by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas, they exchanged RING POPS. And now the wrapper from one of those Ring Pops is on the auction block. Fake Elvis himself, Jesse Grice, found it and put it on eBay. He says it's the ring Joe gave to Sophie, and it's, quote, "in very good [condition] but slightly used." It also comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you know it's legit, right? The starting bid was only 10 bucks, but it's gone way beyond that now. Yes, people are actually bidding on this thing, and as of last night, it was up to more than $4,000. More details HERE


Youll never believe how much money Kim makes on Instagram with one post.. and also.. should we be taking her a little more seriously with this lawyer stuff?

KIM KARDASHIAN makes $1 MILLION per Instagram post. That's right . . . a million bucks. And she's not the only one. Her sister KYLIE JENNER reportedly makes that much, too. Speaking of Kim . . . she's still kicking butt on that criminal reform thing. She just helped free a guy named Jeffrey Stringer, who's been locked up for 22 years on a drug possession conviction. He got life because of the three-strikes law. We did it again! Had the best call w/this lovely family & my attorney @msbkb who just won release for their loved one Jeffrey in Miami - he served 22 years of life sentence for low level drug case. He served too much time but it gives me so much joy to fund this life saving work. More details HERE

Luke Combs Had his very own Pretty Woman moment

In case you haven't heard this, LUKE COMBS told a great story about the time he wanted to buy a Rolex at a store in New York City, but the salesperson wouldn't take him seriously. He asked for a specific Rolex model and she made it sound like you can't just walk in and get one of those. He knew it was total B.S. so they went back and forth with her saying, "a lot of people want that model" and him answering, "that's why I'm here." Then he got real. Quote, "So I told her, 'It's fine. I can go get it somewhere else. I'm playing Madison Square Garden tonight and I really wanted to wear it on stage.' [Then she said,] 'Well, I think we might have one in the back.'" More details HERE

The Instagram post this weekend that had everyone thinking Danica and Aaron were expecting

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers have been dating since at least January of 2018. And over the weekend she made an Instagram post that left the world thinking a baby was on the way. Patrick posted to Instagram on Sunday a photo with her sister, Brooke. In the initial post, She wrote that they “covered a lot of topics, especially pertaining to kids, and – I got some good advice!” The fact that Patrick mentioned kids along with Aaron liking the photo.. made people think they were expecting. After a couple hours, Patrick caught on to the speculation and offered her own clarification. More details HERE



HAYDEN PANETTIERE's boyfriend was arrested for allegedly beating her up. More details HERE

JUSTIN BIEBER says that CHRIS BROWN is a combination of MICHAEL JACKSON and TUPAC. More details HERE

ADELE is hinting at some new music. More details HERE