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June 24, 2019

Someone Tried to Steal Halle Berry's Entire House

A crazy guy tried to steal HALLE BERRY's entire house. He showed up with a falsified deed and a locksmith, and was trying to have the locks changed. He even called the cops on Halle's employees, claiming they were trespassing on HIS property. Halle's team called 911, but so did Griffin. He'd already had one of the locks changed, and he told the cops that HER people were trespassing on HIS property. When the cops got there, they looked at Griffin's deed, and discovered that he'd FAKED it. He was arrested and hit with a felony count of 'procuring and offering a false warranty deed' and an additional count of petty theft. Halle didn't know who Griffin was, and supposedly, he DIDN'T know it was her house. So, apparently, she just lucked into his craziness. More details HERE

Perdue Chicken Wants No Part of the Miley Cyrus / Nicki Minaj Beef

MILEY CYRUS and NICKI MINAJ still haven't patched things up. And Miley poured a little fuel on the fire in her song "Cattitude", when she said, quote, "I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi." Miley claimed that wasn't meant as a diss, but try telling Nicki that. Friday on her Apple Music show "Queen Radio", Nick said, quote, "Perdue Chickens can never talk [poop] about queens." Miley hasn't responded yet, but Perdue has. They Tweeted, quote, "Thank you for the mention, [Nicki], but we don't know nothing about beef." Nicki responded with some crying emojis. More details HERE

Watch Carrie Underwood's Baby Start Crying When Daddy Sings, and Then Stop When Mommy Sings

CARRIE UNDERWOOD posted a video of her five-month-old son Jacob crying every time his dad sings . . . and then stopping every time Carrie sings. More details HERE

Did Diddy get engaged? To his sons ex girlfriend?

The word is that Diddy is engaged to Lori Harvey, the daughter of Steve Harvey...and his son's ex-girlfriend? OK. Here it is. Lori Harvey was at the Ciroc party with Diddy in Hollywood the other night and she was wearing a huge rockon her ring finger. People at the party started saying that this is the ring that Diddy bought AND that she was “somebody’s wife” on Instagram. More details HERE

Dog the Bounty Hunter's Wife is in a Medically-Induced Coma

DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER's wife has been placed in a medically-induced coma. BETH CHAPMAN has been battling throat cancer for years. TMZ says Beth was hospitalized due to a "choking emergency" that she experienced because she has trouble breathing due to the cancer. About two weeks ago she posted a picture of herself on Instagram, with the hashtag "cancer will not beat me." But early yesterday morning, Dog Tweeted, quote, "Please say your prayers for Beth right now thank you love you." More details HERE

Kevin Costner Says It Wasn't Whitney Houston in the "Bodyguard" Poster

It's been almost 27 years since "The Bodyguard" hit theaters, and after all this time, KEVIN COSTNER has dropped a BOMBSHELL: In the iconic poster for the movie, that was not WHITNEY HOUSTON he was carrying. He said, quote, "She'd gone home and that was her double, and her head was buried into my shoulder, which was appropriate anyway. She was frightened." Kevin said he was the one who picked out that image, but that the studio execs didn't like it at first, because you couldn't see Whitney's face, and she was such a big star. But he insisted, and eventually got his way. More details HERE

Did Nicki Minaj get married?

Nicki Minaj is married to Kenneth Petty, according to the rumor mill. Apparently Nicki Minaj said publicly that she and Petty got a marriage licence, but have yet to have the ceremony yet. This all happened on Queen Radio. She did shoot down the notion that she's preggers. Details HERE


Cardi's past is creeping up. Over the weekend she was indicted on several charges, including two felonies, over that New York City strip club brawl last year. Cardi was arrested in October for allegedly ordering an attack on 2 strip club bartenders -- Jade and Baddie G. The 2 women claim they were injured during the brawl when Cardi's people began throwing bottles and chairs. The incident, which went down in August, was allegedly triggered after Cardi accused Jade of sleeping with Offset. The grand jury has indicted Cardi on 14 charges, including 2 counts of felony attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury. Other charges include misdemeanor reckless endangerment, assault, criminal solicitation, conspiracy and harassment. More details HERE



Okay, so KATY PERRY is just hanging out with ORLANDO BLOOM's ex-wife MIRANDA KERR now?  More details HERE

Here are last night's winners at the "BET Awards".  More details HERE

FETTY WAP is being accused of roughing up a woman in a hotel room. More details HERE