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March 12, 2018


What does a Kardashian Baby Shower Registry look like?

Khloe celebrated her baby girl over the weekend .. and she was actually spotted filling up her registry at a few fancy stores in hollywood… racking up $90,000 worth of baby items

  1. $600 versace diaper  bag
  2. Fancy baby leather jackey for $1,500
  3. Versace baby blanket worth $400
  4. More details HERE


Whats it looking like for Juelz?

Juelz Santana … went to catch a flight and as he was going through TSA they discovered a gun. What did he do? Left all his bags and ran out of the airport and caught a taxi. But why? Like yeah weapons are not allowed on planes and you can be fined… but after some investigating I’ve learned that

  1. He’s a convicted felon, so it’s not THAT GOOD.
  2. Nevertheless, despite his background, he’s also got plenty of money. Money means you get favor in the legal system.

Right now, unlike most of us, Juelz has the paper to pay fines and other penalties to get out of his situation. In a worse case scenario though, Juelz could be looking at a few years in jail, because there seem to be mandatory sentencing.

As a person with a felony conviction, he is prohibited from carrying any gun, even an antique decorative gun. Anyway, experts say that he could do 42 months in the bing or could just have a fine between $10k - $15k. More details HERE

ABC Shelved a "Black-ish" Episode Featuring a Debate on NFL Player Protests

ABC pulled the episode of "Black-ish" that was supposed to air on February 27th at the last minute . . . and apparently, it was because the show and the network couldn't agree on the National Anthem protests. (???) In the episode, Anthony Anderson is making up a story for his infant son during a thunderstorm that's keeping the whole family awake. According to " Variety", the story, quote, "conveys many of his concerns about the current state of the country." And it includes the rights of professional athletes to kneel during the anthem. Creator Kenya Barris says the decision to shelve the episode was mutual . . . quote, "Given our creative differences, neither ABC nor I were happy with the direction of the episode and mutually agreed not to air it." There's no word what they disagreed on specifically . . . and ABC apparently has no plans to release the episode on any platform. More details HERE

Katy Perrys pass to heaven has been revoked because she killed a nun

KATY PERRY has been involved in a legal dispute for several years, because she wants to buy a former convent, and the nuns don't want to sell it to her. The nuns also felt it would be a SIN to sell the property to Katy, because of her music and image. So they went to court . . . and in 2016, they LOST. But there were still legal issues to iron out. And during a court hearing this past Friday, an 89- year-old nun named Sister Catherine Ross Holzman collapsed and died, after experiencing chest pains. Katy still hasn't bought the property, because the Vatican needs to approve the sale. More details HERE

Drake is that dude...he's breaking records left and right. Now he drops a hint on new music

There is a lot going on in Hip-Hop these days and it can be hard to keep up with. You have the music, but that's a distant second to the f#ckery! So, when Drake slips out that he's got a new album on the way, it may not bounce off the walls like beef does. Or like colorful hair. Or running from the cops at an airport. No, Drizzy made an appearance at a Toronto Raptors game and let a morsel of a rumor out. He's working. More details HERE



Country music star Tim McGraw gave fans in Ireland a big scare on Sunday after he collapsed on stage.McGraw reportedly had just wrapped up a rendition of his hit song "Humble & Kind" when he dropped to his knees and then took a seat.His wife, fellow country music singer Faith Hill, returned to the stage to tell the crowd that he was OK. "He's been super dehydrated," Hill said, according to footage posted on social media. "I apologize, but I made the decision that he cannot come back out on stage." More details HERE


There ain't gonna be any lil' Steve-O's scaling cranes or lighting themselves on fire anytime soon, or ever for that matter, according to Steve-O who is on his way to Puerto Rico to get a vasectomy. More details HERE

Logic Outsells Lil Yachty And Everyone Else With New Mixtape. More details HERE

Bruno Mars isn't really the issue, but he got treated like the problem on Twitter! More details HERE