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September 4, 2019

Rick Ross's New Memoir Reveals Rapper Suffered Seizure So Severe He Defecated in Bed with a Woman. MORE DETAILS HERE


What is Aaron Carter doing? MORE DETAILS HERE

Ariana Grande is suing FOREVER 21. MORE DETAILS HERE


In his new memoir, RICK ROSS reveals that he once had a seizure while he was in bed with a woman and . . . well . . . something really gross happened. MORE DETAILS HERE


CARDI B is now feuding with white quadruplet 10-year-old rappers who wrote a diss track about her. MORE DETAILS HERE


Netflix has started releasing episodes of some shows weekly, instead of all at once. MORE DETAILS HERE


 Check out a trailer for the ZACH GALIFIANAKIS movie "Between Two Ferns".  MORE DETAILS HERE


Kevin Federline Says Britney Spears' Dad Got Violent with One of Their Sons. MORE DETAILS HERE


Kristen Stewart Was Told She Could Get a Marvel Movie if She Hid Her Sexuality. MORE DETAILS HERE


A "Saved by the Bell" Revival May Be Happening, But Will Screech Be Involved? MORE DETAILS HERE