March 22, 2018

This years Lollapalooza lineup

The Weeknd, Logic, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator, Brockhampton, LL Cool J, Bruno Mars, Artic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, Khalid, Camilo Cabello, Dua Lipa, Post Malone, Franz Ferdinand and nearly 200 more acts will also take the stage August 2-5. More details HERE



Around the time of her alleged affair with DONALD TRUMP JR.AUBREY O'DAY filmed a video that never got released . . . where she's naked, with words like "cheater", "liar", and "seduction" written on her body. You can watch it HERE. Meanwhile, Aubrey posted a picture of herself playing footsie with someone whose feet look kind of like Don Jr.'s. (check that out HERE) and then VANESSA TRUMP reportedly discovered their sexy texts while Donnie was in the shower . . . And a "source" says Vanessa put her KIDS on the phone when she called  Aubrey to confront her. 


Only One Album from the Past Two Years Has Sold Two Million Copies

Only one album that's come out in the past two years has sold at least 2 million copies . . . and it's "Reputation" by Taylor Swift. It's her SIXTH album to sell at least that many. In all of 2017, only two albums sold more than a million copies: Taylor's album and "Divide" by Ed Sheeran. That's a stark contrast to 10 years ago, when 29 albums sold at least 1 million, and eight surpassed 2 million. Before "Reputation", the last album to have sold 2 million copies was "25" by Adele, and it did so in just three days, after coming out in November of 2015. It has sold 9.45 million copies to date


Diddy on the Next Biggie

DIDDY was recently asked if there were any NEW artists who excite him like THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. did when he first heard him . . . and at first he said, "No." But after thinking about it, he said, quote, "Kendrick Lamar . . . but Kendrick's already made . . . [he] gives you that feeling of Biggie." And if he counts, then Diddy rattled off a few more names . . . Drake, SZA, Jay-Z, Nas, Migos, Lil Baby, and Future.


XXXTentacion Is Off House Arrest

XXXTENTACION asked a judge to let him off house arrest to tour so he could pay his legal bills . . . and the judge went for it. His lawyer said they're happy with the decision, and it was warranted based on XXXTentacion's performance the last few months. The lawyer said he hopes these are the first steps towards complete freedom. XXXTentacion will submit to monthly drug tests and report his travel. More details HERE


Rich the Kid Is Getting Divorced

RICH THE KID is about ready to take off. His debut album comes out next week, and he's got a big hit with "New Freezer". But things aren't good at home. His wife has filed for divorce. There are rumors that Rich cheated on her, but he hasn't commented. They have two kids together.  She claimed he has been unfaithful over and over again, with a variety of IG models… She got ahold of his phone and found all these conversations he was having with different women.. asking them their shoe size, what purse they wanted.. all kinds of things AND THEN his wife POSTED the screen shots, and deleted after but you can still see them of course.. Check it out  HERE


Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Are Getting Married This Weekend

Break out the tequila, MAREN MORRIS and RYAN HURD are getting married this weekend. She hit up Instagram yesterday to pat herself on the back for writing her wedding vows. And, of course, she got cheeky about it. She posted a photo of them and wrote, quote, "Writing vows, feeling sentimental AF and dreaming of this guy being my freaking husband in a few days."  More details HERE