Monday March 26, 2018

March 26, 2018

Cardi B's Tax Beef

CARDI B wants to know where all that tax money she gives to the federal government goes. Because she doesn't SEE it making a difference, at least not in her hometown of New York. She posted an Instagram video FILLED with profanity asking what they're doing with the 40% of her money they take.

"The Washington Post" actually broke it down. If she made $20 million and paid $8 million in taxes, then $1.8 million went to Social Security . . . $2.1 million went to Medicare and other healthcare services . . . and the other $4.1 million went to other stuff. More info HERE


Meek Mill Gets Support from Pennsylvania's Governor

The Philadelphia D.A.'s office said this month that MEEK MILL should be allowed out on bail while he appeals his two-to-four-year sentence for violating his parole. Now the Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf says he AGREES. He posted about it on Twitter, adding that our, quote, "criminal justice system is in need of repair." More info HERE


Maren Morris Got Married in a Short Wedding Dress, Just Like Her Mom

MAREN MORRIS and RYAN HURD made it official on Saturday. They got married in Nashville, and Maren kept her word by wearing a short wedding dress just like her "badass mom." She posted a photo of them kissing, and she captioned it, "My last turn home." That's a reference to Tim McGraw's "Last Turn Home", which is the song she and Ryan co-wrote back they first met. Ryan also shared a photo of them kissing on Saturday. But the thing everyone's talking about is a song he co-wrote about her called " Diamonds or Twine". He sang it for her last summer when they got engaged, but didn't let her know he was going to record it. And then he released it late last week just in time for the wedding. Maren is 27 and Ryan's 31. More info HERE


Biebs’ new album is all about ‘redemption’ and will reflect his re-discovered faith

So we’ve gotten a little inside scoop on what we can expect on Justin Biebers next album.. it’ll feature Christian songs.. ever since he re-connected with Hillsong church he’s been very… religious… and wants to deliver messages to his fans through his music, so he is quote “reshaping his sound so it is more in line with the churches value and beliefs”  More info HERE


I couldnt imagine... Paris Hilton lost her $2 million dollar engagement ring! 

Paris Hilton lost her $2 million engagement ring while partying at a huge Miami club — She was dancing and the rock flew off her finger… she had security shut down the venue immediately….until the diamond was finally discovered in an ice bucket at another VIP table. More details HERE



The number one album in the country belongs too

XXXTENTACION sold 131,000 copies of his new album "?", and that was easily enough to earn the #1 spot on the Billboard 200.  He's the rapper and singer who became a sensation after releasing his debut album "17" last year. More info HERE


Suge Knight's 15th Lawyer Quits

SUGE KNIGHT'S murder trial got delayed again on Friday after ANOTHER one of his defense lawyers had to quit because of a conflict of interest.  So he's now on lawyer number SIXTEEN.  He's facing murder and attempted murder charges for allegedly running two guys over outside a burger stand in Compton back in 2015. More info HERE


The STORMY DANIELS interview with ANDERSON COOPER aired on "60 Minutes" last night. Lots of interesting claims…  So, we got to hear her side of her ALLEGED affair with PRESIDENT TRUMP.

The best parts of the STORMY DANIELS "60 Minutes" interview include: Stormy watched an entire 'Shark Week' documentary about shark attacks with Trump . . . she claimed she spanked Trump with a magazine with him on the cover . . . and she said she was threatened in a parking lot. Nothing too shocking. More details HERE