April 24, 2018

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Kim Kardashian's Next Fragrance Will Come in a Bottle Shaped Like Her Body

You'll have to clear a little extra space on your wife's dresser for KIM KARDASHIAN's new fragrance . . . because it's shaped like her BODY. She says, quote, "The next fragrance I have coming out in May, KKW Body, is so amazing. It is a sculpture, basically, of my body. It's really cool. "The scent is so good, I'm so proud of it. It smells to me like what I would think golden smells like, even though that's a color and something that's just luminous." More details HERE

An Animated "Fast & Furious" Show is Coming to Netflix

There are already EIGHT "Fast & Furious" movies. Next year, there's going to be a spin-off featuring THE ROCK and JASON STATHAM's characters. Then Part 9 comes out in 2020, and Part 10 hits theaters in 2021. Not enough for you? Don't worry, there's more. An animated series based on the franchise is coming to Netflix. The main character will be Tony Toretto, the teenage nephew of VIN DIESEL's character, Dom Toretto. Tony and his friends get recruited by the government to infiltrate an elite racing league that's actually a front for a crime organization that wants to take over the world. Because that happens more than you'd think. More details HERE

Is "Lethal Weapon" Gonna Replace One of Its Stars Because of His Bad Attitude?

Fox's "Lethal Weapon" TV series is expected to be renewed for a third season. But there's a problem . . . and it's CLAYNE CRAWFORD, the guy who plays the Mel Gibson character, Riggs. Sources say he's been, quote, "disciplined several times over complaints of emotional abuse and creating a hostile environment." And some members of the cast and crew aren't comfortable working with him. The source says it's to the point where producers are actually considering REPLACING Crawford. More details HERE

A New Prince Album Is Coming Out This Year

PRINCE has a new album coming out this year, which . . . if he could speak from the grave . . . would be something he probably WOULDN'T want released. His estate has been putting out a lot of stuff from his so-called 'vault' recently . . . and the people working with them on it told "Variety" that it'll be a full-length album of previously unreleased material. There's no title, but it'll be out September 28th. There aren't many details, other than it will be more "time-specific" rather than a compilation of stuff from throughout his career. They're still sorting through all the stuff Prince had locked away, and it doesn't sound like this will be the last release. More details HERE



Former president George H.W. Bush has been hospitalized in Houston, just one day after his wife of 73 years was laid to rest. A Bush rep says he contracted an infection that spread to his blood. The 93-year-old former President has suffered a variety of health problems, including pneumonia back in January 2017. He also suffers from vascular parkinsonism ... a rare syndrome that mimics Parkinson's disease.  As for the latest health problem, doctors say their famous patient is responding to treatments and appears to be recovering. More details HERE



THE ROCK and his girlfriend welcomed a baby girl.  Her name is Tiana Gia Johnson.  This is his third child . . . and third daughter. More details HERE

PRINCE WILLIAM and KATE MIDDLETON have a new baby boy. More details HERE

Smallville" actress ALLISON MACK may have tried to recruit EMMA WATSON and KELLY CLARKSONinto her alleged sex cult. More details HERE

 JANET JACKSON has added some new summer tour dates. More details HERE

J. COLE's new album "KOD" was streamed 64.5 million times in its first 24 hours on Apple Music, which is a new record.  It's about a million more streams than the previous champ, "Views" by DRAKE. "KOD" also set the Spotify record, with 36.7 million first-day streams.  It's also going to debut at #1 on the charts next week. More details HERE