Thursday June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018

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Are Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Already Engaged?

ARIANA GRANDE and PETE DAVIDSON just publicly confirmed that they're dating TWO WEEKS ago . . . and they're moving incredibly fast. A couple days after that, Pete got a couple of tattoos inspired by Ariana, and now they're engaged. They've been dating longer than those two weeks, but it's still been less than a month, which probably feels like an eternity to them. It was only a month ago that Ariana broke up with MAC MILLER, her boyfriend of two years. A "source" says, quote, "They're a perfect fit. They're not rushing to get married." Which is a bizarre thing to say when two people just totally rushed into getting engaged. There's no official comment from Ariana or Pete. More details HERE


Lisa Lampanelli Went Nuts on a Heckler Who Tried to Give Her $100 to Shut Up

Insult comedian LISA LAMPANELLI went to town on a heckler at a gig in San Jose, California Sunday night . . . and there's footage of her yelling at him to "shut the [eff] up" and telling him to leave. At one point, she offered to refund his money, and then he responded by offering HER a hundred bucks to shut up. Then he handed her the money, and she threw it in his face. More details HERE


Lady Gaga and Dave Navarro Say They've Been Suicidal

LADY GAGA and DAVE NAVARRO are among the celebrities encouraging people to ask for help if they're suicidal . . . and both say they've been there. Gaga says keeping it secret "keeps you sick," and Dave says that he's experienced how "circumstances and feelings shift."


Is Pusha T facing A lawsuit over that Drake pic?

Drake and Pusha, it continues, but not with a response from Drake. Now, Pusha T may be facing a much bigger issue, a lawsuit. Remember that photo Push used of Drake, of him in “Blackface” ? Well he used a photogrpaher’s photograph without permission and now rumor has it, he is getting sued for $5 million! More details HERE



--Check Out the Similarities Between Sugarland's "Babe" Video and Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart" Video: Everybody's been talking about how TAYLOR SWIFT came up with the concept for SUGARLAND's " Babe" video . . . and that she plays the evil redhead who's having an affair with JENNIFER NETTLES' video husband. But CMT.com noticed something else. It's also very similar to MIRANDA LAMBERT's video for " Mama's Broken Heart", which came out in 2013. The front's the same, so is the inside foyer, and the dining room. Now, using the same location is one thing, but there are also similar moments. JENNIFER NETTLES and Miranda are both seen coming in the front door all dressed up. They both spend time eating alone in the dining room, and they both have a moment where they're "exhausted" and alone in bed. Obviously, this isn't like stealing someone's song, but I can't imagine Sugarland or Taylor knew about all the similarities. Discuss. More details HERE


--PARIS HILTON is threatening to return to reality TV.  Supposedly she's been "getting a lot of calls and a lot of offers from different networks."  More details HERE


--NICKI MINAJ and LIL WAYNE have a new track out called "Rich Sex".  The track will be on Nicki's new album "Queen", which is supposed to be out on August 10th. Details HERE. Nicki (also) announced that she's touring with FUTURE.  Details HERE


--PUSHA T got chased by a fox while recording in Wyoming with KANYE WEST. More details HERE