FRIDAY JUNE 15, 2018

June 15, 2018

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"This Is Us" Star Chrissy Metz Will No Longer Take Photos with Fans at Restaurants

CHRISSY METZ, “This is Us” star, says she has a hard time turning down fans who want photos with her . . . but she needs some "healthy boundaries," so she's setting up a new rule: No photos at airports or restaurants. She said, quote, "I want to take pictures with everybody, I want to talk to everybody, I want to sign autographs and pictures. But sometimes I just can't. "I really have a hard time telling people no, because the disappointment on their face, literally, I reel for three hours. I tell myself, 'I should've taken that picture.' So drawing healthy boundaries for me is really a challenge, because I'm so grateful." She said she's learning to say no to pictures at restaurants and airports . . . because, quote, "I don't want to disturb the vibe of the restaurant or have a receiving line at the airport. That seems ridiculous and ostentatious." More details HERE


R. Kelly's Ex-Wife Realized He Was Abusive After Taking an Online Quiz

R. KELLY's ex-wife Angela really didn't realize she was in an abusive relationship until she took an online quiz. They were married for 13 years, but things were anything but smooth. She accused him of physical abuse in 2005, but withdrew the complaint a week later. Then she filed for divorce in 2006, but ended up staying. Then one day in 2009, after almost committing suicide, she turned to her laptop for help. She Googled "domestic violence" and started reading a support site. She came to a questionnaire with 17 questions to determine if your partner is abusive, and she says, quote, "Robert had done 15 to me." More details HERE


After 26 Years, "The Jerry Springer Show" Is Ending

"The Jerry Springer Show" has been a BEACON OF LIGHT for nearly 27 years. Seriously, it's like the back door light, that illuminates the trash can, so you don't get surprised by a rodent while you're tossing your garbage. (???) But now, "Springer" is apparently coming to an end, after 26 seasons and nearly 4,000 episodes. It recently lost its distribution deal with NBC Universal. The CW quickly picked up the rights to the repeats, but there's no word on if, or when, the show might resume production . . . and the staff is reportedly looking for new jobs. Jerry hasn't commented. More details HERE


Some exciting news for American Horror Story fans, of maybe you WERE a fan, I have some news thatll make you look forward to next season.

Okay so I use to watch American Horror Story religiously. I watched every episode of the first 5 seasons,  If I had to pick my two favorites it would be Murder House and Coven… then it started to get weird… like Roanoke and Cult were weird AF… I’m guessing producers realized it was starting to get sucky so now they are doing a crossover season between Murder House and Coven! More details HERE


Post Malone is Hosting His own "Posty Fest"

POST MALONE just squeezed another MUSIC FESTIVAL into this summer. It's called Posty Fest, and it's going down October 28th in Dallas.  There's no word who's playing . . . other than Malone, of course.  But he's promising a "blockbuster lineup" and "many surprises." If you're up for buying tickets to an all-day festival on the strength of just ONE act, they go on sale TODAY.  Malone says, quote, "We gonna get so [effin'] weird." More details


Drake's "I'm Upset" Video is a Huge "Degrassi" Reunion

DRAKE's new video for "I'm Upset" is a massive "Degrassi" high school reunion.  "Degrassi" was a Canadian teen drama Drake was on before his music career took off, and he got tons of his former co-stars to appear.The whole thing came together in about a week. They even got KEVIN SMITH and JASON MEWES in it.  Their Jay & Silent Bob characters did some episodes in 2005. One former co-star who didn't make the cut was DANIEL CLARK . . . and he's a little sad he wasn't asked. More details HERE



ZACH GALIFIANAKIS resurrected his "Between Two Ferns" talk show, with guests JERRY SEINFELD and CARDI B. Check it out HERE