June 19, 2018

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Rapper XXXTentacion Was Shot Dead in Miami

Rapper XXXTENTACION was shot and killed in Miami yesterday. He was only 20 years old. Police believe it may have been a robbery. Because a Louis Vuitton bag was missing. And some idiot thought it would be great to video the kid dying, and share it with TMZ and post it on twitter and it was disgusting. I wish I had never clicked it. Yes I know this boy doesn’t have the best reputation, he was facing 15 felonies, but to run up on someone shoot them and steal their bag? It was weird too cause he was doing a live video 3 hours earlier talking about what he would want to happen if he died. More details HERE


Luke Bryan Can't Mix It Up With the Fans The Way He Did Before Route 91

LUKE BRYAN was talking about how security has changed since the Route 91 tragedy. For example, at the CMTs he couldn't improvise and go mix it up with some fans who were hanging out across the street. Quote, "I used to run and high five the whole damn street. That was prior to this new crazy world we're living in. And guys that are advising me on security stuff . . . they're like 'We just don't like you running, we don't know what's across there.' "It sucks that you have to think about it. You just can't go love and hug-on fans like you used to." He talked about a protocol that's now in place in case something terrible happens. If he hears a specific word in his monitors, that means he needs to hightail it out of there. Quote, "This time last year we didn't have a global security word that meant clear the damn stage." More details HERE


Heather Locklear Was Hospitalized After Threatening to Shoot Herself

HEATHER LOCKLEAR is struggling once again. She was hospitalized yesterday for a psych evaluation after threatening to shoot herself. According to TMZ, her parents went to her house because she was acting "agitated." But she got violent . . . choking her mother, and hitting her father. That's when her mother called the police. Heather didn't actually have a gun when she threatened to kill herself, but she was reportedly "trying to find" one. Heather was arrested back in February for felony domestic violence against her boyfriend. During the arrest, she allegedly threatened to shoot officers if they ever returned to her home. In March, she was back in rehab. Heather has been dealing with mental issues off-and-on for a decade, and she's struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for at least that long. In 2008, someone else called 911 on her behalf, claiming she was suicidal. "People" magazine says her friends and family believe she needs MORE than rehab . . . she needs to have her underlying mental issues diagnosed and treated. More details HERE


Ariana Grande Named an "Interlude" on her New Album After Her Boyfriend Pete Davidson

We've already seen permanent tattoos and a whirlwind engagement from ARIANA GRANDE and PETE DAVIDSON. They even moved in together, got MORE tattoos, and went furniture shopping. And now we're into song-naming territory. Ariana has an "interlude" on her upcoming album "Sweetener", and she has decided to name it "Pete". More details HERE