June 26, 2018

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Heather Locklear Got Arrested, Then Apparently Overdosed

HEATHER LOCKLEAR was hospitalized last night after an alleged overdose . . . less than 24 hours after she was arrested for assaulting a cop and an EMT at her house. It all started Sunday night when police were called to Heather's home because she was drunk and arguing with family and friends. As the cops were trying to calm her down, she kicked one of them in the leg. Since she was so wasted, they decided to call an ambulance and have her checked out. While THAT was happening, she kicked a paramedic in the chest. Heather was treated at the hospital, then arrested on two misdemeanor counts of battery. She was released yesterday morning on $20,000 bail. There was talk yesterday afternoon that she was planning to go back to rehab. But last night, an ambulance was called back to her house over a possible overdose. She was rushed to the hospital, where sources say she's in stable condition. More details HERE


Cardi B and Offset Have Been Married Since Last September

It turns out CARDI B and OFFSET aren't engaged . . . they're MARRIED . . . and they have been since last September. He asked, she accepted, and they went out and got someone to perform the ceremony. TMZ has a copy of their marriage license, which was posted on September 20th, 2017. Of course they had to use their real names. Cardi's is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, and Offest's is Kiari Kendrell Cephus. This would explain why Offset called Cardi his " wife" at the "BET Awards". After this broke, Cardi issued a statement saying she felt her marriage was a moment that she, quote, "wanted to keep for myself." She added, quote, "Well now since you lil nosey [effs] know at least ya can stop saying I had a baby out of wedlock."  Check out her post HERE


Kenan and Kel are Reuniting on Nickelodeon to Play "Double Dare"

KENAN THOMPSON moved on to "Saturday Night Live", and KEL MITCHELL went and did . . . well, whatever he's been doing for the last decade or so. But to some of us, they'll always be "Kenan & Kel" from Nickelodeon. Well, they're coming back . . . at least for one night. They're doing an episode of the rebooted Nick game show "Double Dare". The episode will air later this summer, but it taped yesterday. Kel says, quote, "This episode will be double special because Kenan and I will be playing against each other and we are both huge fans of 'Double Dare'! More details HERE



Did Childish Gambino Steal Someone Else's Music for "This Is America"?

Childish Gambino is being accused of stealing his song This Is America.. But that's what he's being accused of. People are saying that it sounds suspiciously like "American Pharaoh", a 2016 track by a New York rapper named JASE HARLEY. But Fam Rothstein, one of Gambino's creative partners, denies it. He says, quote, "['This Is America'] is three years old and we have Pro Tools files to prove it." As for Jase Harley, he believes his song was an INSPIRATION for "This Is America", but he's not sweating it. He called Gambino's work, quote, "One of the most important pieces of music and visual art of our time." And he added, quote, "I appreciate all the love and support! But PLEASE DON'T let this controversy dilute the message me and Childish Gambino are trying to convey."  More details HERE



Ed Sheeran Stopped a Show Twice for Pee Breaks

ED SHEERAN is a professional. But even the best have off days. During a show in Cardiff, Wales over the weekend, Ed had to stop for TWO PEE BREAKS. And one was in the middle of a song. (???) The first time was right after he finished "Galway Girl". He said, quote, "I've been gigging since I was 14 and I've never done that. And now I do it in front of 60,000 people." The second time was halfway through "Photograph". He said, quote, "I'm so sorry, Cardiff", before running off to drain the dragon. More details HERE



Tiffany Haddish says DRAKE stood her up.  

So Tiffany Haddish was on Jada Pinkett-Smith  Facebook series Red Table Talk talking about relationships and stuff.. and she said she really doesn’t have a lot of time for dating but if someone asks her out, and shes interested, genuinely, she will clear her schedule, make time for that person….. and specifically shared a story about how ONE TIME..a planned date .. EPICLY FAILED.. Because she was STOOD UP, But by who? DRAKE! More details HERE