Monsta X Define K-Pop Slang You Need to Know

Get your stan language dictionary from the group!

December 13, 2018

If it wasn’t already clear, K-pop stans don’t mess around. From traveling thousands of miles to see their favorite groups perform to being inspired to learn a whole new language, their dedication is literally unmatched.

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K-pop stars Monsta X are quickly taking over the U.S., breaking in with huge influence and continually appearing on Billboard breakout and social charts as a group with massive global appeal. Inescapable jams like "HERO" are here to stay, and you can thank K-pop fans like Monsta X’s Monbebe for that.

As part of the wave of South Korean groups getting their well-deserved time in the spotlight, Monsta X is contributing to an international surge in love for the genre-bending and barrier-crossing phenomenon. Along with general buzz and a huge boost in streaming Korean songs, we’re seeing an increased appreciation for the culture as a whole.

Fans of the genre have created a sort of language of their own, often learning Korean to better keep up with their favs and using “stan language” to express their love. To help us better understand the youngins and the terms we see Monbebe using on Twitter, Monsta X defined some of the key phrases you need to know. Get your K-pop dictionary from the band in our exclusive interview above and stay tuned for more exclusives from the group!