WATCH: George Clooney's Twins (Sort of) Make Public Debut on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

By: Kelly Meyers

October 24, 2017

George and Amal Clooney became parents to twins earlier this year, and we still have yet to see the babies.

Well, until last night when he made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. George was there promoting his new movie, SUBURBICON. The film also stars Matt Damon, who's had a known "feud" with Jimmy Kimmel for many, many years. Yes, the feud has been meant in good fun.

Well, we didn't get to see the Clooney twins last night, but the back and forth between Kimmel and Damon is funny. 

The new movie, SUBURBICON, isn't getting the best reviews, by the way.

Here's the movie's trailer:

In the meantime, we want to see the cute babies, George!