Entercom Round Table Discussion

Round Table Discussion
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Happy LGBT Pride Month!

How to celebrate LGBT Pride Month
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In Honor of George Floyd’s Life and His Funeral Today, Some Inspiring Quotes That Resonate Right Now

Quotes that are super relevant in our society right now.
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black lives matter

What To Do The Next Time You Hear Someone Say "All Lives Matter" According to Chelsea

How to respond effectively when you hear someone say "All Lives Matter" when they just don't get it.
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How You Can Help On Black Out Tuesday

How to help donate, sign petitions, get involved, and educate yourself on what's going on in our country right now.
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Social Media Tips in The Age of George Floyd

Social activism was already hard enough without the addition of social media; but now with it, activism can seem even harder. In the age of George Floyd, social media is playing a key role in bringing about judgement and change. Sadly it is also playing a key role in telling us how others think...
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The George Floyd Protest

The George Floyd Protest
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My Favorite Beauty Products

My favorite beauty products
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Do This Quick 15 Min Workout Everyday to Lose Weight!

I just discovered the best home workout on Youtube!
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happy hour

Happy Hour Happy News Ep 10: Encompass Real Estate Solutions, Seton Youth Shelters, 757 Music, & more!

A special edition of Happy Hour Happy News at Encompass Real Estate Solutions!
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