WOTR Dana and Jake and the Girl at Bowling

Friday, December 1st

Dana is concerned that her husband Jake is flirting a little TOO much with his attractive new bowling teammate. Is this relationship headed for the gutter?


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Lowe's is a red violets are blue on Wednesday mornings and oh yeah. She gives you a war of the roses yeah. And it's starts now we're helping out digging out this morning good morning Dana. So why we put into the tax free today. Yeah okay and no one area you're in a couple years OK why are we putting your husband Jake to the test. So all I'm too long ago he started going this is like pulling my things. Stand. I don't go to regular work when it went going on he's indicted things that goes bowling Alley but I just don't want I'm you and I can't help but notice there's girl there that he was flirting lands should really backed me and I guess I don't know I'd been thinking about a percent okay. I just killed suspicion of. That's enough reason and now it's teed. Still doing the bowling night things as we speak. Oh yeah athlete. Consistently. She definitely is going on kind of lady I guess it's kind of starting to get weird. OK well let's put you're has been to the test here with a little whether this is so what we're gonna do is we're offering some free residency content anybody wants you're getting here who he chooses and what he puts on the card okay. All right time for the two questions we ask everywhere there is is producing question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. All right and question TO how certain are you that we offering these free flowers it's gonna take you descend into and not somebody else. I don't really know. She doesn't doesn't anybody else I feel. If you get ER 5060 let's find out. I. A. So my thing I'm going to speak to like GB. Please. It is a good morning Jay my name's Ashley and calling from me granny is Laura delivery service cloud floral designs dot com Harry. This great city of reason calling today is asking if you've ever heard of floral designs that come our company are what we deal. Well. Well an online flower shop says you don't have to waste any time going into a store ordering flowers he literally do they all. I detection of up and and rich trying to bring your business today. By giving you a one time only free trial of our segments so what that means is we're gonna give you a free doesn't. Read residents to send anyone you like. Salute me freak. NET one time only deal it's not gonna cost you anything at all Kelly is there anybody Mandela like intrigue gorgeous red red since. Yes it was completely afraid this is. Yeah it's absolutely free but it's one time only. More yeah I will send them to my wife Shannon. Pressure in Austria come with the cards and what would you like to put on the card. Subdued. The which I love you had. Not very original. Note. That at that JJ can tell you why that was actually a Smart decision. This is not a lot worst job calling you this is actually busy morning zoo radio show on T 104 and right now you are the thing we do Cold War of the roses. Word yeah and your wife Dina is actually listening right now he can say hi Dana. Yeah. It would. What don't get me. So this is basically this is the reason we called news because dean wanted to make sure that if you got free flowers that you would send her not somebody else. Well we'll buy the Verizon Wireless and Libya I don't know you how. You're flirting with that girl at the bowling Alley and I just started to go crazy in my mind and I cry that maybe if something was happening to her little bit her house up in those incredibly and that should not have been united on the team is that. She was a sub a relatively. Well what is not even able gene that. It looks like you have absolutely nothing to worry about do you feel you feel better. Yeah I don't doubt. That's that's right that's this rarely happens we do like happy endings where there was this is are there and Jake since she did pick the right. I mean we we really argue this and I Dina a dozen roses on us congratulations. Well I'll. On ABC news wall oracle rose.