DWW Sabrina and Brian and the Mysterious Hooker Girl

Friday, December 8th

This is the Dirty Work where we learned what the phrase "trench-coating" means...


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Yeah. Simoni easy. Are you guys doing honorable life and make me look like a brigadier. Listen and hurry on the. You have dirty work when these on your record 731045. Hi who's this. As he's been very damp so every. Teenage wit she why. I believe you what can we get forgotten his dirty work Wednesday. I'm just thinking and being paranoid is obsessed. I have a boyfriend named brand and humid over it. It is. Okay what the ones here these top yeah okay so we're looking out the athlete and he can't compete at the. Our great prop eight crowd meant and whatever and nick I usually admit it it couldn't really clear that I can't. It's my wife Nicole's favorite king on the menu. They got I take it out of work and Friday I pick him up an artist and I met his apartment I just thought you know being a good girls and every. So excellent good parking lot and I noted it's correlate out of parking lot cheap anywhere cards on the golf. And the reason nine disparate comments she looked like a prostitute. It and see he had on that lock code with the Leno that she had. I'll just take up fine and caring adult like act like I swear to god it actually working on the weight flash bulbs. I didn't their welcome and department is on the third floor. And and going out I can hear her out lenient little it behind and no expert is like I can hear her but I don't although it. So I get it to brands Wheeler and locking down hard to learn and grow is like. Following me. And I knock on the door and it turnaround and the girls like half lead and offered me she stopped. She looked at me and then she grabbed her on advocate after they turned around and go down there. OK so do you do you think she was trying to rub yourself and don't. Now I think she is going up and he Bryant. And then twenty I would like us. Al cam. So you'd think she was also going to visit him but she saw you knocking on the door and was like I did get the hell lot of here. Okay. Let's dry cleaner home like. Acadia into the Deloitte. Yeah he answered an outbreak. Do you expect anybody say anything like I would you know expect you to night. What did you did you tell not a hooker girl. But yeah. It late they're completely looking girl locking down that I followed up here and you'd like. Yeah we get a lot of weird around the building. Okay David did you look like he was expecting anybody. Yeah like like when you went inside. Was there like a bunch of angels later any thing like romantic. Going line I have. I don't think I can't remember apparently. So crude out by the whole thing. OK so this girl is either a weird wandering Psycho a murderer bush who is out to rob you for that soup. Or she was planning on surprising your boyfriend. Okay that. Can thank you I am worried sure the line. So Brian in the navy and a lack heated Floyd when he is about come home he was like he needed bile like trench coat. And I was like why you'd like you're not gonna do it trench coat things for me. I didn't need I didn't even known to change what they want it. Q you've never heard of that that the that the girlfriend or sometimes in life wage here with a trench coat and some sexy underwear on and an. Eve I'm not saying I'm Dan Neil yeah. Yeah or nothing underneath yeah. I had no idea what you're talking about I've never dated anybody who goes to the war and when he came back and do it you would play. Notre code. It's all okay so you think this girl was transcoding him may he be like fulfilling that little fantasy for him. I honestly. I have no idea. Did you get a good look at air play and did she look familiar at all. OK so what he needs to do you justify that if this girl that really was there for him. I. Okay yeah yeah we yeah we can do that what we should do is he said Ashley cinema taxiing. On the case you don't know this but I traded trench could you on Friday that's on the L showed up before I could. And then like on ABC he writes bad earned. I don't think we should and I ask because. Simmering again you say she was on the phone when you sign Aaron. Yeah issues on the phone makers out there and. Last. Is still a bit less for and then that's probably who she was talking to issue is how you like paint a port operation trench coat and that's it. OK okay yeah all right so will they don't text him. Saying you don't know this because he probably knows yeah August Texan in case and then like whole cast that and you found. And they when he does hit a little out of his hand and tried to change and cheer on Friday but yeah company. And then we'll see what he says yeah let's do that and sent depending nobody writes back we should do either wasted because either he's gonna go. What the hell you talking about who is this or he's gonna be like oh dang so sorry about that and namely. He's buck said he felt heading out of surgery and the British attacks him and we'll see what he says when we come back. So now what we did was we texted pride at what it let's talk what did you tech's Brian first of all. Okay ass and hole I guess you got and you found in Seabrook back Santa Claus says I can't hit. Nope guess again and you literally just strip act that inking ace and then gene. I say here's a hint Eileen any long coat and still lettuce on Friday night that you had come they need. And gaining a hilly they have. Hang on I think to bring are you ready to hear this. OK so you set and then transferred missile at us and he's sitting day. Angel can't go in G once again and says sorry about that I had no idea issue is coming back I swinging OK okay so it looks like your hunch was right that girl was coming to see him. I do it and new. It's a that he knows that you know. Okay ash text him right now write him back and say hey I have a secret I mean to tell you can I call you from my workflow on a camera not only. And I hate. Yeah. I. Again and oh yeah. Okay now leave me it's now we wait locates yet because if he says sure go ahead there Morgan calling him and then Sabrina you can. Like you can Lee ending and I want to keep typing he tagging. He said what seek grant town I'm just parent and I and then and collier and clearing out. Of right Mac and then he knew he had cheated people with his number on it as first. Saint okay Sabrina were gonna call him right now and then when he answers it's all yours okay. I. I. And I like an anti and it. I don't know below DR. Yeah. Here's a look I know pitcher out. Here and oh. Yeah right. No jobs here and should really pick on eight he doesn't mean over in her underwear his ideals. They are doing good. I got away happy Pretoria tight range about how we celebrate and. Sabrina you. Yeah and asking you a lot of effort at halftime I already Hilliard trying to think of a sudden you've been asked why. That would need to act new and little changed at ink but now I know about it so. Are appalled and secondly I don't even know what's going on right now are you so. Well she. Began Q you're. Your your. No the worst part and I would actually planning to do something like that. Our anniversary. Only to think I would continue to solve much better than that. Leak of loan them money like you dragged your friends are a yeah would let a good idea. Cool you know I guess. Oh yeah Paula that him I think he's. So yeah.