WOTR: Allison, Thomas, and the Total Meltdown

Friday, December 8th

Warning! Complete couple MELTDOWN ahead!!


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Loses a red violets are blue when she mourns and your man. Choose you love war of the roses. And it's Dicey now. Now I visited ground. Don't normally wins this match. We're putting my boyfriend. Promised it. So why are we putting Thomas to the tax. A couple of reasons. Personally started any jobs this summer he'll admit it I'm happy I'm. Does he started it's like how he wants to do it how people marketed. And I managed checking its best option now. What's the other reason. I alternatives to already get used to always exchange online and it now we just didn't I don't like having a conversation but they're all three and it helped me what are. OK so these text it could be hated to catch that Redskins game or it could be do you want to meet for drinks later. OK let's put Thomas to the test here we're gonna offer and some free roses that he can send anybody wants and you're in each year who he chooses. And what he puts on the card okay. Okay all right time for the two questions we ask every war there is a participant question one are you sure you want all of this on the year. My question to you house or are you that will be offered Thomas he's free flowers to send somebody he's gonna take you. Well you. Definitely get an hour before her that you know I don't know I don't know. Let's find. Yeah. I. There. Good. Morning mankind for eight Thomas and please. It is in the mining town it's my name's Ashley and I'm calling from a premium floral delivery service I'm flora designs dotcom party today. Oh yeah I'm good thanks for asking tentative reason I'm calling is to ask if you've ever heard of our companies or what we deal. So had you ever heard us learn designs that come. Now and I don't think so. While wearing a new online flower shot can basically do next I mean need to send flowers to someone you don't have to visit a flower shopper pay expensive delivery fees. Instead you can do it with a touch of a buy and and right now testing time for the holidays we had a free offer beef instead anywhere anyone and gorgeous red wrist is absolutely free. Is there anybody know who'd love of the can't read residents as a surprise guest. And the I guess it mean to suggest. Well there's no catch I mean now I DA is that you get to use our servants one time for free. And hopefully you're still happy with the results that the next I mean need to order fires. Village she's asked to do it says basically it's like every sample. Oh OK okay yeah I got you into. I have to say different things. Nothing in fact I'm ready to get asked for any of your information except for the name. And the person that you want us to San meters him. OK and then and only thing we think. And initiation into Marissa. I know that same news. GE in. A and that's why they come with that card as well so what do you want us to print on the card can say anything you want as long as it's under a high it hit case. Okay two down. Could put it down they're down. I know this year in part of fire arrangement. Blair as a tin helmet. Okay and ID you want to sign it. Love Tom van Sawyer or just comments. Just slid distilled entity so no listen I question what do you know about. Let's send. The rain made it pretty names involved. I was very little room talking to. Thomas let me give you this this isn't a flower company this is actually busy morning zoo radio show and that voice you just heard. Belongs to your girlfriend Allison. Okay yeah head that's at black yeah anyone explain it could be three. Okay Roger said did you legislation he was going on right now you're on the home. Thomas' say we do Cold War of the roses. What we do is we we test boyfriends to see who they would send flowers to while their girlfriends listen. Debra are you not rated but. It in my girl that you connect. Greek Ali okay what did you mean by rain it. Also this. Just say that in just. A kid seeing this woman who missed the oil producer and Bledsoe and I debates. Oh yeah. But I a year ago and he you've duly. Different pains you I don't you everything I would beat you and we worked really. Yeah it's Steve did and the solid streak you don't let's just because you messed up no. Hinted at and the issue really they get to know how you chewed the handle that so that it does that I had. I'd like it's a brain may get one about the. I don't think it because you don't actually and anything. Yeah. Inventions that you can usually either and may be like yeah I mean you know you give you Rhode. Then welcome anyone could. See. Guys let me just cut through all this ink gets an answer shipped Thomas Ewing that's Marisa girl have something going on. You know watching that there's yes and Grunow were heard blocks. Right and you get nothing going on. I'll do this season the way it Geddes said that. Everybody well. Well everybody knows you. Oh yeah. No if we can do it. Jimmy did anybody knows and nobody mentioned around. Morning's news or the rose yeah.