Jingle Bell Prank 2017 #2

Thursday, December 14th

It's another one of the Z Morning Zoo's classic holiday Jingle Bell prank calls starring Barbra Streisand (and a bunch of other crazy people!). Happy holidays from the Zoo!


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You are calling standing right now we're on a special on emotion let it market and help it. Yeah. No way. I heard something. It is going. Any right now we're running a special hello I need to market our LP. Seen her do. Although they look. It's. I can't hear anything I just hear. A recording so keep your Bible wait I'm accurate view. We are mute me. I am on hole or something. Sir I can't hear you. Clearly there's a problem earned I can't hear you gain your whole music or something. We we call it came up and Paul. They keep calling it right now right special and it worked out and help it. It's. Everything yeah we'll. I demonizing. I mean I go to Butler recording. But or play anchor something's they think so. I don't you're probably licking the things that you can hear quite polite at that. You'll even that. Hey a guy. Right yeah. It's a company to me it's funny to anybody. Who is your daddy and what does he do. Our. And he's like you just Whitney and it's not funny it's like what are you like and. Here you see. You're right it's not that particulate calling the cops right now goodbye. He and scanning right now run a special election my name is mark a panel of I swear to god this is. Well. So I know what I don't know your calling from 8 o'clock I'm going. Oh right. Yeah yeah. I don't care. Let out. Shot now I know. What I am. Yeah. On gnome Zell am not sorry lose no you've got you wanted. We are going right now. And he didn't know who they know. You win dozens and. Don't ridiculous I can't believe you do get recruitment and you know what Christmas I've. A Christmas tree chopped up and a little picture and shot. We can't. Coming your. On Christmas Day got. Yeah.