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And why should actually like another hand generics perspective and a springtime here at Amy Poulter and really pummeling sun higher he does dealing today hint it's hitting you I'm great thanks for coming in this morning and Mary consist he's happy holidays center Selanne told me can you tell me a little bit about yourself. Still I mean peoples and the public relations manager for the girl scouts of the colonial coats and your organization and is the Girl Scouts circling a tense and what is your mission. So tarnishing his. Your programming we build girls of courage confidence and character sneak a warranty either parts make the world a better place. And religious purpose would be so our Turkish is were the preeminent leadership development or any student organization for girls on your program we chino help old girls to be leaders then and be successful in their lives. So what would you say here overall goal would be for these girls still our goal is that fewer program. That we can help girls be go gators in eighty eight's risk takers and leaders and we're basically we're trying to acquit Clinton equip them with. The key characteristics you know it's aides to go out and be successful and do well in life could you tell stairs a little about annual cookie program absolutely so that programming can gives girls. Didn't like first he experienced with in the business world it helps and TO develop key aspects that will help them be successful and money management business ethics in school setting. And decision making how to interact with people and you know running their own business and why did it Girl Scouts hold test program because he gives in those skills to kind of developing and go on and be successful. And it benefits and then all kinds of positive ways what other ways could you tell our listeners sentenced paragon benefits accounts did basically this program supports the overall programming that we offer for the girls which emits them with this Palestinian go forth while real is cookie season start Sasser is on January 6 that girls will be going door to door to sell cookies and then on February 18 you can find girls at cookie business all over him to -- home smelling it and it wraps up on March when he fanned consent that three months. And what kind of cookies are available to share sit this year we had eight trainees leave tax. Sitting in a smile as the trade foils tag songs sung in men's and really mean it. And that's amoled. Yes we got this added toffee cast its ends this year it returning at the debut last year in this mores cookie. Charity cookies wrestling per box on each box of cookies is four dollars with the exception of hopped past dates in small hours as a made the special ingredients it is or five dollars a piece thinking you buy these cookies online you can and if you visit Girl Scouts dot org you can buy the cookies Steward digital cookie and how else can you find cookies we have an -- it's called the could be finer it's available in both IOS and injuring markets. That apple hope you find cookie booths it will help you share that information with different than Stanley in you can even set reminders about upcoming cookie Booth so if you're out running hearings million communities any kind of a pain executed that you wanted to live okay. Now council's cookie goal for this year's program we aim to sell one point 48 million boxes this hair or even that is a lot of skiing is needed now here's our program related and it's absolutely so in January 20 we have the fourth annual cookie classic. Where we had a five key or on any one mile run a donor Steve Ross county involved in these anyone can register. On ending in March we have the adults only similar soiree that is where local restaurants they may yeah yeah. Yeah actually have a few lack DT here that have Matt and Jack. Isn't the mindset Allie seems like a fun and they know it is definitely now people wanna get more information at pal. There are web site and that study to be dat je ans CCC. Dat ordered. Now let me you iron here in the studio with S this morning how want to have you been across the ice he semi patch is on TV precedent. Funny you so much so I've been Augusta for seven years so this is nice and giving a gust up nine how real seventeen now what is your goal this year and so my goal for selling cookies is selling. Two dozen boxes. 2000 boxing's what she's saying that average and number or a girl scout found there independents. Great because girls can. Said their own goals as their progress can do those gusts maybe daisies are just adding Girl Scouts can they can sell hundred to 200 boxes and it and we and being comfortable with people and talking to you people and gain new ideas for selling cookies. If you go up even more as I know does have sold. One to a million boxes of cookies in adamantly yeah yeah I do those who have sold at least 5000 and it's great because the gossip he program gives them the chance to increase their goal and sell as many as they want and make their own personalized that he business. At least you say it's competitive among other accounts like and selling housing is fifteen under Anderson this well I mussina and being able to my friend a friend of mine who is also the sky and we do boost together and I love this about the cookie program and discuss got in general and that. We sell cookies together are very friendly aren't really close friends and but we're always sort of maybe in this competition. Seattle mainly concentrate on the how did you feel as we push each other. Did you add to do better to sell cookies to our friends our family and it's really the funds we subsidies to get that isn't everything but I feel like we almost. Had this little battle. You can't I think competition exactly and I kind but it's very friendly and it gets great about processed food can still be friends and sisters and I'll scouts while still pushing it to ourselves to do that's when it. How many boxes did you sell last year a little over 2000 boxes from. What do you make your print seats last year the last had a lot of service projects so light and I by at least makes our third speak any national team in our emergency team. To donate them to during the wintertime and then I also was able to go to camp as a camp and be counselor and hanging last year. And then I'm also saving two. Fund Michaels of our reference. And what about this she cared what you can do it you can see this here I am trying to save two. Just a lifetime. Custom membership. For me. Did you see that could give her an assailant wearing T Yale the they are and it's really great fund raiser for the girls and it really teaches them always let them skills that are used throughout their life that now. It was a talk with people and run a business and make decisions set goals and manage their money and this is. All before even graduate and have lifetime experience real world. I can experience. Before leaving no go to college which is really really nice and it's something that you don't get in the traditional class and warm. Now what you learn from participating in the cookie program so not only have I learned how to sell cookies. And to those five skills. The five mean skills that girls learn and also as a team captain which are on leaders and mentors. I didn't ski season we help adults back as a resource than an also mentioned in the girls. And I have been able to mentally and the girls and volunteer and be a leader. In that area as a captain which is and really really meaningful to me because. It's inspired me to work with children may be kind of teachers. Do you like doing this program isn't your favorite. Everything every year like trying to cut keys or is there something else national. You being announced now happens every couple I love the cookie season because it's so cookies with an also beat the captain Kirk with younger girls and meet new people. But then I also really love to any kind of service project with a Girl Scouts and then also I love. Be able to go to camp and being an outdoors you know everything that hasn't yet the fact is amazing because you can use so much and you fall in love with almost everything that you do in house can you share what you're cathedrals and stranded teams cookie business strategy. So is really neat because Girl Scouts. They do emphasize the business aspect of the cookie season not just on the keys but. Having the business plan and really running their personal. As being a girl led business died within a business strategy is give customers. Great customer service and really have a great knowledge of my products all the cookies and study studied them. Because he got your product I sell it and he's have different things like humans are begin to have test it's a gluten free so all the different. Nuances of the different cookies and then also finding new ways to reach of people whom what did you Erica at Keith Ellison knows all the and it. I always go for Saddam smiled have a dilemma as zesty lemon flavor and then Ireland analyst now what is next steps do you have to share their people listening right now so a great program that the Girl Scouts have with the cookie program. As gift of carrying portion of that cookie program and so that way onto it that's she's whites and organization that like to donate the keys to whether it be ERS Allen. Local policemen and a local fire station. And whatever they like to donate cookies to amateurs are able to choose and then at that and analysts ask the customers rejected an ox. Of cookies to this and organization. And that's really great to. Be able to get the chance that he give back like to give back in death comedian give the customer chance to Denny as well and that's. Is really really great and I always ask my customers are your diet box at least in the military and that's greatly to somewhat but he is that also donated me. That is every tee it grossed out have a particular organization that paid Downey to like to get beat any team that your heart desires or is it treats different bank or how does that lack. So part of the guys have heard him as decision making him that's when the decisions that the troops make together so all the girls decide neither vote. Or they come with ideas and they decide what organization and like to donate to. And okay just so much for coming in this morning Derrick and he is there anything else you'd like to leave McCain to read about being a crowds out about the could keep print and anything at all. I just remember that he program is not only signed cookies that it's also giving girls a chance to lead in there and community. And million and a chance to grow and make the world a better place. Thank you again so much for coming in this morning again if everything he can text the word could eat. To seven and seven when a far he can get this in their eastern right here found as well as important day for you to remember. Happy holidays and yeah it is thanks.