Phone Scam: My Funny Valentine

Friday, February 16th

Denise gets a call from her daughter's guidance counselor after one of her Valentine's Day cards crossed the line with a teacher...


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Number and knowing this may be recorded and be careful and answering that call eight couldn't eat another busy morning. It isn't going to speak with niece can Lou please. The group putting him in his doctor Bruce Banner two decades director over. And school you Mirai is mother is that correct. Yeah it's everything it's kind. Every once in YO meter comes across my desk and requires meat you have an actual conversation with the theory and rather than sending home annuities. In im afraid your daughter was involved in such a matter leg days. Yeah. Will did you now a variety distribute daily times to encourage Jewish fellow students this year. In did you allow her to write your own messages on these cards. Were you aware that she hosted distributed them dealing tanks carry to some of her teachers. Well does it teach your occurred Samuel he teaches Mariah is applied mathematics glanced. Well apparently he received a rather inappropriate coward for Mariah yeah. Well. The content of the tired seemed to did to me see that sill. Okay well we partner with our target and they were in the (%expletive) out I think exit well. You know whatever with McCartney could and that until. Well no he wasn't the target cells that read there would she roots on the courage to mr. Samuel. What do you. Well she talked to Samuel. Got out of all the teachers he had the bases. In the whole school. Why. Said the curtain was tying the message was a little inappropriate. Way. What. Are. It's 62 pitchers annual new teacher with a hot he's. And you need to pay your school. Call. It life went right. It was actually Morton did currently on this day when you write on the board income as I love to watch you hubs their booty. Ice water wells. It may in many say is Ed you NG if you're by it was a sandwich I've put hot sauce all over Asia and Jacob. I guided it. OK okay. Nearly out that might not that there is no way. Well as she gave him the card to impersonate you and I can't blame her hurt her feelings hurt Samuel does have an incredible body. What did you go. Woody do you yeah I don't know I guess we'll bodies may be I mean you don't get it but they get without doing some squads in that. Heart. Oh he's sure to a couple of the teachers and I. That's those are dead figure that they need teachers that they think it was I'm Chiluba. No. Read her letter on each right here in my disk okay ID. And I will help or not my daughter back. Boy anyway certainly hers and you readjust your body and she confirmed everything right down to the biting mr. Samuels I need pirates holding up. Yes but worries she's had any trouble there eating this certain things very normal. I. OK okay yeah. You're reading not normal but it. I mean to be feared if you took current simulate impaired baker George you'd be asking me to pass the hot sauce you like you Gary gee yes. One. You. Wouldn't sort of guiding our. Actually yeah actually I can explain that and now this. Actually this morning your radio show on Z 1048 year old just got a couple of scant income. I'm so sorry he's your hard. And why is this kings have been about payback or something very joke you play on him. Well. Yes yeah. I'd be out you know. It over or net. Well maybe wait till he goes to sleep tonight and then taking huge bite out of his tiny and then pour hot sauce side.