DWW Sara and Aaron the work crush

Friday, February 16th

After spending years in the "friend zone", Sara is ready to put her heart on the line and tell her co-worker how she really feels about him... get your tissues out!


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Wednesday. So. Yeah. I handled the problem is the deal I don't force him in 3104 point 50 yeah do not call him. That case but a lot of Red Bull reds fought and I'm glad I was. A dirty look Wednesday as I'm here for 73104 point five hi who's this. I don't think. Can you forgot his dirty work Wednesday. OK I'm so I hadn't been you know executed just I'm my coworkers who all of this your show I don't think I am and I would hope that if I did not in the event that they were going to do it army I'll I'll. So what what are we doing exactly. Okay well and I have. An incredibly strong feeling that you are one of my coworkers and I've known him for years we iron. Actually. Best friend and I guess you can. They eat you sound really nervousness let's go over a couple of things and these are easy questions okay. OK first of all where do you work and I. At that big thing in Virginia Beach I think is going up okay and you have a crush and when your co workers are. It wired and I like I just. You know don't let anyone and I am. Okay police here know what is Jim's name is it. OK see you work with errands and you have these strong feelings for him I. How long have you had these feelings. Obama I mean obviously it started out as infringed has arms that we've been working to fight fight fight and things apartment fires. Are virtually years and now the French it's a bit of treatment I joking around there and then having lunch should be out there and and how it just whatever it is. These guys are basically like gin and and the like I'm not a student. Actually I'm not I don't know exactly what went on my coworkers as she and everybody all of that behind their back. OK so do you feel like you guys belong together. Oh OK I really should shaggy just tiny piece of paper that says tell her most of her department is listening right now. I know I know they are they're the ones who didn't who put me up as. Thank you said that somebody who works that you texted us and asked about the nickname. We gave them is that the gym and campaign. Not well. I meant yeah I'm here Erin and when they need when I was saying they actually there and. So. You. And a couple of names that you guys are this couple then what's the problem why he really. Yeah because he has a girlfriend. Is Jack. IC and so that. The problem so aryan is already taken. I'm the president of the united as well that you dating and lately Iran and initial seen at auction she treats him like garbage. She park. How about him when he's not around and like I am that he talked about her its edge. Because there in sight thing on. Any direct you how. I know all that's how do you know she talks bad about him are you in this Jacqueline girlfriend's. Well now she knows she can play that wasn't dinner banquet that we hadn't spent apart at night and was. Proceeded to get it still lack. I'll leave it to hunt and everybody. At one point area and went to that after an act you keep an eye on her and she talks. So much crap about him. It's okay for example at like to play an advantage on the weekends and she sounds to me like when the first thing. Only thing worse than having to be at that dinner is happy to go and slipped and hit stupid act. Allowed. Did you tell your in any of this. No I didn't want him to be armed that you are dealing with enough that he's already in about why he says she hates his brief and obviously is that it's not all I mean it. You guys think I'm gonna work all the hot and asking me for advice. Telling me how they got into another fight. Every time I had I try to help him take its relationship let her back what I want to really wanna do it just like. How bright out but are being Whitney and it. Calm and OK so one more question. Why don't you think he has broken up with her I mean if she's so awful why isn't he dumped her and said OK Sara let's do this. Honestly it. Rich he is. Here first inning and how to. Perfect error and a really pretty state and Great Britain moved I didn't act just like to. Averaged you know well I mean go to the gym religiously and hope one day it will look like her and know that I didn't never packed app and it. Hi I'm sure it's not like at all well I mean he he's a guy I mean. Trust me and that kind of stuff like I'm not trying to be Debbie downer here but if I'm being realistic a lot of guys care about gets up and I think it's right. But I am not an ally eighty about either. I know not I would really big artery I haven't apple and I. Saw. I don't know if I I think I don't I don't know just doesn't like the best way to go about it. And now hold on you called us we skipped everybody else for your girl so here on the hook now. Do you have any idea what you're gonna say. I go to. I don't think I have like I have to note I I know what I know. If you put some thought into this cat like all I think. Are you willing to accept the consequences no matter what happens. I mean I should. Well listen we come back we're gonna see if we start recount and signs the up with true love here or the heartbreak of the years so far our own so there's a lot of pressure. I can speak to care and please. Air in this is busy morning zoo radio show nick actually in Saigon he went off for how are you today. Our. I. Good so listen we having Valentine's theme message for you but we need your permission of which one year to hear it isn't cool. It sort of an yes 88 Iran it's for unique look so can we put John here. So sure OK so all right we have airing on with us. We have this very special Valentine's message for you from somebody you know. And whenever you're ready there secret admire you go right ahead. And Karen. It'll let you share a year ago that you came in and I. Am and kill my department at that time. That I would hear it quick thinking out. Quitting my job but now. When I look back I am so glad I didn't they can't I quit and I never. Had you and I I. And I think I can't imagine my life without you I know it you know consider may be a zen. And asking mart. It's added it's not what I do. You know what I did everything. I look at. I'm into it every day you know I did everything I changed I think you improve my skull as a and I met you I believe I don't alien thing by bombarding you outfit. Trying different things with my hair and inning like occasional crazy diet and Elaine I thought about why. Did you learn about these things I got that same can't Eric kept coming back to me. I wonder about it. Getting out. That you hope and jetliner together and I respect that I would never try too early relationship it. It made you happy. I widget. Apps you mentioned just really think about it argue she's truly how it would hurt. Why do you think that you can't argue our break out all the time and I hinted. And you keep coming to me means feel bad. And that's something between me and I don't think they didn't just pick entrenched at. I know you hear whatever on court said the and I know you probably lack adopted at an Angel by. I hear it I don't I don't swap. Actually all excite it didn't get it up and I. Quietly telling you all let me and further insult. To our. I don't know you'd be happy and I know. I can do you. They get it out and stated that I will always be here and no matter what. And all spells it out at you and bad to ride height. Okay all right so writes at that's that's out there now. So airing what exactly are you feeling right now. I mean. Surround they don't lose their car a card would have been okay. And yet. Okay all right now that you know that this is out there the league what is your reaction. I'm obviously. I'm very flattered that I really am them and I'm also embarrassed to be honest. But it is is like Sara said tree hill about. You in your girlfriend are you guys even happy dance. Act and so the it. Finally here as to spray actually not together anymore. You look. You. I'm fine. Yeah actually had announced Sunday. You haven't been and all we. All I actually had the flu. So I think it's your girlfriend gave you the flu and then jump June. Very much here I'll call so yeah I'm so sorry yeah when you said did you are special now. I thought maybe you'd like to lose the object when an apology or some them but I guess our. I would let let's get back to that. That Valentine message I know you'd need time to recover medically and emotionally here in but do you ever see a scenario week where you and Sarah are more than just friends. You a new workers much like that are readies. Truly the only thing that was really in the way it was my girlfriend so. Silly you better if baby ready set lenient you guys opening tee we paid for everything would you down. Well yeah. Yeah Sunday and yeah everybody liked it and let the brick in the morning. We're dealing yeah. And I think. Doesn't this series if we took care of the dinner and in the deep or you're in right. It bad because you're used Nigerian. Okay. I'm here is out like you give us updates and all this huge you know in addition to and beeline for new department now where he's listening.