Phone Scam: The Pothole

Friday, March 2nd

Darlene has been complaining to anyone who will listen about the POTHOLE situation on her street. She's about to get a call back from the Department of Public Works, which actually should be called the Dept. of Public JERKS because it's really the Z Morning Zoo...


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I am really proud recorded. Be careful and answering that call he couldn't eat another busy morning sue Sloan is an. And I. Expected to lean and he's. At any. Is darn nail Stuckey on culled from the department of public works did you file a complaint about. Sultan going on with your street. But I'm a guy. You got older in your streak but we'll go out there picked up again not not. And they're hot iron. Hold. Okay. Now. Now what exactly is that. Why I. Well what is right. Yeah. I. It's not holding you report pot in like we talk a market cattle or like just a pot and I would boiled chicken greasy. And no it's completely like the giant crater in the middle of the street. And not known about I always. Actually I just started a couple weeks ago. Now I question hope what this hole in your street. I don't know. I don't know agent and ask him you know undercard can track what I read all gets bigger and bigger. That's what happened but they don't really big. Did your scorecard in the keep to my dad's bike and they can get it. Okay all right Iberia are. Sesno what is your plan to fix this problem. No. I. Don't want to come out here and there didn't. Ortega why don't want you after come out deer ticks a whole year waiting your streak. I may get up and eat. In the. And iron. Much you don't want to put a hole in your street. Looked. To expect but it it. Okay well that's when last year and now how do you bricks on the line the nurse. Shall prevail in the hole actually that cannot be is not half bad. Now what do you want us to feel lit up we. He Ximian com. When now we have we're gonna get a bag of cement. I'm gonna have to requisite issue and some thin line that so it's gonna take all while. In the meantime I'm come down there and you know put some dirt and it. Or actually you might even be cheaper if we come down there and fill it with the new war. With that with war or you know we maybe we feel with the new war in the and we put the dirt on top of me. No I don't know what I'm not in the giant. We haven't. Streak with scrap. I hate it's hard just like seem that not geared GO once people smell it. They're gonna stop digging holes senior street. I in my I know. You didn't punish you in just. A concrete cracked and I'm all. Do you have a higher. OK okay took took them sort of got breaks out of jail are going to do the wall name on what is the name of that movie. I. Now that's that's not he had in hardship to do with escaping and some like that all pomp all started. And they hate spell was remotely. I don't know and I knew it out I don't. You are not yes yes ma'am we all are and you got a little. Man we are with New York. Iron Man and let you know. Well and then you have yourself the play.