WOTR: Holly and Steven aka "Captain Hook"

Friday, March 2nd

Holly puts her boyfriend Steven to the test...but what might even be more shocking than his answer is how he got the nickname "Captain Hook"...


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Five. Losers a red violets are blue on Wednesday morning to you man. Editor choosing you we'll. And it starts now live your figuring out two things one you can hear old war of the roses and dirty word when he's on a website he went over a cup and a lot of you. After the other you can beyond what is it indeed we can call your boyfriend grow forever by going on to see what before I come as well okay. All this time we are helping out holly good morning hi. Who are we gonna be put into the text for you today. I like it was. Okay and why are we putting Steve into the text. So basically he's Eric McLean a lilac or Reba and you know our relationship and now it's eight. I don't get a big picture looking at her any more agent that you want to be like budget strategies and me I mean. So OK see you if you mentioned you guys both got lazy so you're in that comfortable pardon me if we don't necessarily go all out to impress each other anymore. Is like the pony tail and sweat pants pays for the release of the the good news is this could mean. But you guys are so comparable each of the your rating get married and live together but the bad news is like you said it might also mean he's completely lost interest and you know. Yeah I miss. Out. Yeah if you Croatian equity which currently. Okay so now that was in the next question do we have any any evidence of any kind to indicate that there might be somebody else. I'm not. And you know that's actually what I would do it adds it's just it just an eye out for share. OK so let's give Stephen the chance to say an eighty when he wants them for you roses and then you're gonna get here who he picks in what he puts on the card okay. Okay time for the two questions we ask everywhere the rose is artistic question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. All right and question two how certain are you that we offer these free roses he's gonna take you to send them TO. Sad sad thing is that he's at like seven out of ten. Like 70% or is like or 7%. Because that would suck. Well it up at okay. Well let's find out. Opt out. So. Good morning and kind race eating. These. Earlier period. My name's actually Aaron Klein and a brand new floral delivery shot caught well designed stack kind of Harry today. I'm good thanks how are you. And thank you for asking did everything I'm calling today is to introduce you to our new act which is the floral designs that had you heard about it at all. No matter. Well imagine accent meaning Jason flowers and Sam line you don't have to drive to the flower shop or eat and go online. Now he can do it all from the touch of a button on your fan do you order flowers often. No really I mean I spent some of my girlfriend bound I'm very. Tell our hat is perfect for occasions like that into introducing Chia I'd like to give you a free the cameras just won't eat conform to anyone you want. And the flowers are totally free and we can send them anywhere in the continental United States. OK so I have. What I I've just got to Dow Libya have. Now this is actually free trial and if you like the way we do in these next this. Amy you can download that and musician that he chaired and what he called you an get at a track. Yet and I get a law is a totally pretty. Totally freak meet payment of flowers and they show it being the only thing I need for me or is in new owner of that person are going to be singing these beautiful red rays this year. Okay. Let's go to college. Okay and flat as they come with the car we can tell what ever message you want on it so what would you like to say. Put down among women and actually over. And then sign that low catch them hook. And and he's either going to hobby and correct. Boy are you going to be happy you said that he Steve. Yeah so listen com this really isn't a flower shop this is they actually busy morning Z radio show and he went on for more and right now you're on war of the roses. Oh my god where's the wondered what could conquer something then I immediately. Ends I'm holly actually aptitude test you to see who you would say and free roses too she was not sure if you would occur. Well who who held to a quicker they're. Sorry. I picked hot girl or work are. One hot 100 will work. You know only. Perfect earlier talking about you're like oh yeah I'm that are fighting malaria already. Lean. And earlier. Not let our our question. We. A I don't I don't actually think that insure that your seat I write you. Jewish. Already up at and TJ. And then. It's why. That is not god it is not sure liked the book is there's like a slight hooker. Any day currents. I seen the actual hole. Yeah. Actually hook shouldn't they knew it you might have a serious problem you regularly commute to dinner or something like that fish man from that she. Old movies is all regarded did not sure your leisure group. Yeah yeah. Practicing at the picture advanced pallone now we are not sending pictures of anyone's jump to the radio station and. Christina looked you right now absolutely knocks highly deleting that mini DV my personal number. Morning's news or yeah.