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Friday, September 16th

The Zoo helps even more lost lovers find each other, with another sexy edition of Craigslist Missed Connections!


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That's Craigslist missed connections like running at a lost. Love finder of lost love and yeah. On ads on Craig's list now the problem with these ads. Is that they are often very catchy or spicy or sexy. Support actually kind of lowering his creepy and so what we'd like to deal with what we're normal Craigslist ads is we slice them up a little bit but now. Before we get to the spicy version let's read some real. Craig's list this connections from the Norfolk bored yep here and I believe that's what were on notice him to Rosey bored yet and it hit the birds OK Susan Hampton roads such are so Shaq he's going to pick one out. Up and read it for us as it is written on Craigslist. This is a necessity in Chesapeake OK it's called the title is the blood drives the ledger article out of the blood drive at the YMCA and just speak a couple weeks ago. And you are miners are used so pretty you made the whole experience much easier for me. You never ever asking if I. Won it one of those little stress balls a squeeze before we started. The part when you gave me the needle he told me look away if I wanted. But all I can do is scare you I don't know why but there was something about her legacy again if you're in this can we possibly meet. Are the blood drive. They go that's and that's what a Craigslist is gonna dissolve like now. Although Saudi kind of romantic is certainly didn't have any sizzle on that stake note though. And it wasn't very does tech play and realize however may be that guy would have gotten a response it is Craig's dismiss connection what do sound a little bit more who. Like this yeah. Only relief lead me down and then that its. Parent Zuma. Now everything gives you lose a little learning English you not I can't. Remember. You find one thing to squeeze on. Pumping. Why. Season. Yeah dragon. I. Pull. You told me and then sexy voice to get ready there's your prepare to penetrate and wow totally out of the local boy here comes first and spirit and deep into your mind as a huge city. You lose it's. Oh yeah. To say yeah well you might do well. You swing low mom please tell yeah. So we've if you are reading this your room available for a house call. You sold more than eight possible. I don't know why. He's wild yeah. Hey well yeah. OK. So now that that now that was I mean I listen I can do is one of wit and was gonna go give blood now. We just did we just did more for the American red Haas is fifteen seconds. Okay that's read another pick another one out there tonight you're over ready for them. Flight 1355. Is a title this happens in no hook. I'll play 1355. From Atlanta to Norfolk a week ago he sent across the aisle from me I don't know if I've ever seen someone so beautiful my life. When they can't this next you've finished your is really quick eulogy was still hungry so I thought about asking if you wanna mine that was little tee shot. By the way they announced we were about to land eyes locked for a few seconds it seemed like an eternity to me though. I would do anything to meet you I was in seat fourteen C. And you're one row ahead of me across dial. Are you out there if you are please give back to me okay. On the honesty you know. And airlines is a perfectly thrown missed connection to because yoshi's committee meet on time to say hi. Although I SQ does that wise I really wasn't very sexy. If you want responses to these ads maybe you need to make them sound a little bit more. Like this. I mean there was going to be terrible it's the best. As analysts only don't just use my. The stewardess and directly. We'll be taking off so. We'll take your. Did you know that. And TV. I noticed that. I like that you didn't see. If it's good to vigorous regular maintenance you look forward looking good millions William yeah. It's always important when the season fourteen to sleep Samoa and we got closer and I heard the stewardess earlier you wonder what this season and rightly monologue whose passion and oh yeah. Because that's exactly. What I imagine doing. Through my own. Do so. Yeah. I'm I'm in view when we were laughing and I'll tell you why don't lose again. As the plane touched the landing strip I couldn't help who'd wandered. It would where you're landing strip so well. Well so would you do one run. Frequent flier miles together and let me know them and don't wherein. Be sure remembering her. Some better options. Well okay. I don't say this for the record outlast them they. Become mean almost. Creepy yeah who I like I don't I think he was scared girl yeah. I'll definitely let let me isn't it is entertaining as did the little too aggressive I have to fly to leave tomorrow I hope they got none of fourteen feet. We can't let him. It's still going to be a warm seat and I'm not all right we have time for 11 more look more disability can actually tell you. Yeah. I always think they did and now I'm still here okay one more mile mark and that will be the week okay. Use your own ego. Right this is Virginia Beach tell us do it sinners a title alone now and now. Out it is Jewish Center and I. Retailers do it's in our own last convert and I saw he commands you'll like you in a hurry US to grow the Frank Carroll where they hedge clippers Rourke. Born. Any Natalie sue I sought an apology I guess I notice she got to hedge clippers in a bag of fertilizer. I'm guessing you're into gardening. You've ever CME as he checked out I was the other check out lane across to me and you'll only two of them I was a guy with a Virginia Tech hat. I'm sure I sure like to meet you again and maybe together dinners of time if you're reading this police is getting touch wood to make it a cat. Oh god and occasionally an yeah I don't feel like. Perhaps he would have gotten a response that we know discriminate. If this post on Craigslist sort of sounded a little bit more home like this. Powell admitted. When I first saw you come come good schools to do it center. All I could think about who's doing wrong to do fuel sensor. US and your little counter which which I know it's close crews were and I thought to myself now in the news lately. Who is the move freely do trim her room who show. Should you be honest I noticed you picked up the bag for my. And I want to make you know that. I didn't move. Yeah. He's he thought I'm the kind of guy. Leaves that were true. Oh yeah I mean this is her own speed. Church of God and you can leave now. I'm just do you believe it and I include mind. Who's. He said well yeah. Like I his input he needs near here. And instead yen and let me be technically all gardening stuff. He eased as the fly a lot. I feel like every female don't hit the roads is going to be spoke on today's crazy let it get pigeon who. You glass of water what. That is the man to let it go pornographic all of a sudden. My body he may do when you take a break we're gonna take a forever break. When we come back. Can't we come back if we come back.