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Friday, October 14th

The Voice contestant J Soul from Virginia Beach dropped by the Z Studio to talk about what it's like to be on the biggest singing competition show in America!


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Hey they're saying you're a busy morning Tucson and then. Treat you better neck actually and shag with you if you've been watching the voice this season season. If he avoids you might have missed this guy has he really glazed over quickly would say shirt. Because he's a real good talent here I'm from team Adam from season eleven from Virginia Beach. Welcome any CEO Ali play a little bit what this guy sounds like because it's. Well it's butter listen of that channel won't shoot. It's only. Mind solid right there and stop right there so you this is your in studio version of that song but that's policy your audition song right. OK see you all I got your Mike on their gods have a I see you dishing with with it Samsonite. And stay with me your first choice. It it was I doing here for people who want blacks avoid singling and I should be on the show. I hum I think one of the lessons you could teach everybody is it's a lot harder than you think it's a lot of our how long. Did you audition before you were accepted into the show. This was my ninth time. Hong I think torrent season eleven yeah and you've been auditioning for nine years straight and nine years straight. Wow and it's it's really hard in the beginning because you only get like 1015 seconds Rockefeller how does that work we go somewhere they see we're having auditions that this place and then where did you end up going DC here's something Richard Hendrix I went to Philly for the addition this year and then there at a big stadium or some tennis along like kind of like American Idol there was convention center this okay so you get up there and there's a table full of people. There's just one person. Old man owes you their interaction. Him with one person like you you're in if they don't you're how they don't like the song like all super needy or they heard on sixteen and today our owner and yeah like songs that you just can't do for that type of our document regularly as he's fallen yeah member yeah there's stuff for a while since did you do stay with me for your first audition did you try some different now actually did any a cool slow down version of no dignity rep Backstreet. Uneven any other browser LA. On Enron with that ceded that the basic cool and then what Hugo from a 20000 onto wide. You went on just in that city was probably like 101520000. And then you go to a call back in that city. And then you wait like three weeks for them that are either not call you back or call you back and sort you don't make you never hear from them and you just one Diego I guess I didn't make it again exam that's me it's should at least tell you hey you great we pick somebody else thinks anyways. I think they have so many people that audition yeah that team now or that call out every single one Imus. Similar text message and a consultant or artists say if you don't hear from a stunned by this date. And you didn't make it panicking that oh they do that and that honor and again we are now like you do need to get it to exactly so that last night at midnight your life. Yeah. When you finally did and after nine years they call you go you're on the shell. How did you is still a step after that on there and Kanye soda and they fly you out to LA. And it's an executive call back in the U gotta sing again and I don't like all the big losers especially and what a nightmare. It is fun experience when you get. Yeah. Opponent playing so like this was the first flight I ever got on school and it was painfully so. A year from Virginia he's been did you grow up here did you go to school here yeah I want to only two in summer school could trio. I want to Rosemont really music at school. I was inquire and so like that I really hadn't I mean I'm saying since I was like five or six my mom. I'll coming into that she was a fixing let's talk a lawyer my track and I hope it's okay that we broach the subject of your family. Because that's a big were what does that word mean approach that we okay indeed die does not. You put on the jacket guy. Just content to stay in zantop while. Couple months let's start with your dad what's going on with your dad. He just had quadruple bypass on this past Friday and it took him awhile to wake up it took them almost six days to wake up Nat. I saw actually just flew in this morning just come on the show and do a couple things wrong on this weekend. And your mom you just found out you choose diagnose breast cancer yet and you know she's been plagued with problems for the past couple years and you know no cartilage in these can't really walk where Owen and this is just another thing on top of that he. I mean you imagine shagged out once Saigon well nine years of trying my dreams or he can jump on TV I'm singing. Among team had a month singing for these judges and then on the other side your family's falling apart. Your biggest support system you've got to be looking guy going do you want me to do this or not you have a rear it's easier rated yeah I got two more so are you hold it together I was. Think and I was told that pretty good until we start talking about it I'm sorry we. NASA it's vital we better get emotions out I mean I put my him my emotions into my music yeah that's kind of like my outlet. We need to talk about your mom because that's one of the reasons your homepage got this big stuff going on this weekend yeah I'm doing a couple benefits for her this weekend. Our Friday is going to be a boo Koo bar. Virginia Beach I'm trying to independent Bucharest so Aaliyah and non Friday they're gonna do 5050 in I'm doing the show it fired up on favre's wrote a coming Saturday. So does that Italian accent is part as a tonight drew. Hey you know. Pretty easy get up my heroines. Stood on the day iron into an instant Fran am doing now that I don't know what's happened. Yeah and then our Sunday they're doing me a pink bride. They were uniformed rescue there OK you know cancer awareness yen they decided they were gonna on my mom and Jerry's in Chesapeake journalists and a now if you want information about any of these things it's. We were the levee goes TJ sold because he's good but also know that you're supporting a good cause helps you know yeah we actually seven goof on me count that he he already set up yet so all of the newest takes pink 757. One iron to seven buys a 104 and I. So aren't well that's cool man and I'm glad to have you back home now what you said supports every your support team in here with you this morning this is my body tells right here until he's the commitment you know extraordinary job in a closet tells him. And out and you Iran's power Ali I know my own paparazzi examine. I and a cushy situation extremely good in pictures. All right so yeah gels has Cal's has on the let them get what you want to just push one of those low Babylon. Only that's. Welcome to. Super sexy you don't we heard you audition with stay with me. I'm from Sam Smyth that's with a top. And so we think it's a great job now we won't we thought I wonder he could sing it like could you sing stay with me live if we afternoon I could do little bit and now we actually politics. We've actually changed some of the lyrics to song umi. On Melanie and fired up. Today we didn't do. A huge day. Nick goes home and drains Kuroda as it comes up with a nose random things that bill so these these this is every remixed that so called stay with me this is called stay with the Z. Jersey 104. You still keep handy that you got the updated lyrics if fireflies it's OK and then we'd like you to perform this version of stay with Maine I'm gonna move my Mike closer to the keyboard so we can actually scared do we need to get a level chuck Herndon. I don't you tell me on yeah. And then he's on line. And well so let's and I got off just a little bit out candy to. Not only that works pretty I don't ever I think we're gonna slowly dying during this is Jason all. And he's going to be singing stay with seeing here a busy morning sue happy and it's hearing a. It's. You. The murder. This time he's shown in my home in my 19 staying yeah. This honor I'm stationed. Demand. The sting soon I'll always. Lands. Even though the morning shows the bonds in Japan. Come and gone down this. No wires hanging. Because. Oh. It is time. And free election. Like Spotify apple music title. Yeah. And Spain. Wins do you wanna. That's that's like what we consider in the rap world ice free stuff. Influenced. He goes the nickname and it not that's great. Hey congratulations first of all. On the voice now if you wonder when you CJ still next for Monday. It is money and using my way into the players Tuesday the battlegrounds man we got some support here from a Hampton roads area he's going up against a really Italian leaning Simone. But it. Always a national television and no important you have three opportunities. To see him this weekend yeah takes pink 757. 27 buys a 104 and was a need to Lincoln and not be really cool have a picture with this guy up on your caseworker in its grip and then on Monday night you could posting going here I am with the guy you're watching on national TV that's how you think I think. Some day and a video endorsing bat like Billy bush jumped down. As you go home to me. Gotta show me out one day it'll hurt Apple's goodness that's a bad person. Kelly keeping.