Jingle Bell Prank 2016 4

Wednesday, December 21st

It's another year for the Z Morning Zoo's classic hilarious Jingle Bell Prank Calls! The tradition continues...


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Have a great it like. He has done. You know who ailment and into the I don't know. Note that he went there. Oh. Wherever they air and so like yeah. The way you look. Yeah the way. Accused Colin jingle bells. June. They sit down. Low. Why anyone there. I don't I don't vote only on. Have a great beer and as a might. Although. Hello. Jobs. It's you can't be calling me your top. Haven't let that get me running I EB. I. I doubt it. Going to be a trouble. He could be well. Levin a great bit and like I. Volleys. Buddy. I am reporting live album. This lunar going to be hard to keep calling me here. And yeah I mean. I don't what are your. Belt. So it's. Let me and call this. Unbelievable. Right now wouldn't you. I will find you. Find out but it did come and eager to hear your vote out I'd. I'll. They got a lap it up and lapped it up. Finding out who it is. And lapping them. You're. On your back all their grip it. All yeah. I know you have standing alone and mr. grange.