Phone Scam: the Murder House

Friday, May 26th

NOBODY wants to hear that the house they just put a bid on used to be a MURDER HOUSE. Check out what happens when the Zoo convinces Alyssa that her new house is EXACTLY THAT...


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Recorded and he carefully answering that call eight couldn't eat another busy doing. And and and. You had to talk about Q&A darker there are going to be done to her how the game and hope you remain number. It actually. I was saying it up and I'm really need it how to how. Well art what what's wrong I was able to bring in Atlanta every search engine on the content nened inch air on. And helped. Us have a live on the early in Atlanta we're talking about ash how practical it. Can you tell her what she told me. OK so it's a list that yeah okay say you know. Sometimes you crazy stories about people buying a house and not knowing the history of that house and it turns out there was some kind of horrific crime committed there we call them murder house's. OK so you're house is a murder house yeah. No I don't know yeah. I was going over the land values did try to approximate any tax increases you might see and I don't know how this is gave Cassandra but that house has a dark. Passing girlfriend like American horror story dark. Did aren't. Yes. Here. So the woman who used to live there was like really big into witchcraft and apparently there was some ritualistic type killings going on there. Did you not know about it. We're looking. Into and get union so are you know like. The triple pizza. Somebody it can't be killed in the house. Well actually several someone I mean the lady really thought she was the wish and whoever took over the property. Didn't do the best job cleaning either are when you put a black light on the upstairs bedroom all you see your hand marks and scratches on the walls are. Eric it's tricky can. Right now you have only get irony in you sign a letter inch and kind of an accounting and people were killed him back out. Well actually not just people actually somebody found the whole public note buried in the backyards. No kinda makes you wonder what else is buried back there actually are all. Saying. Oh right I almost forgot. So the ladies grandma lived with her and she was supposedly very strict Christian and didn't approve of her lifestyle choices. So she locked in the grandma upstairs in the attic and nobody has seen her since the most. We believe she may still be up. There. Are so it. Wouldn't want it will be my. Now. Now now now now she's definitely not still living. Me dead in my. Mind at a little old. Probably. Got we're not a 100% certain about DX. There's I'm really look how cute you know I. Well they eat you May Day and someone else need be I think you and how he did anybody. On. Well actually looked up and Larry you're not only better. We don't have any it appears that didn't bring it up actually you know. Eniac. You know that's probably I don't know that they got it in now. This deal I cannot sit in that house. I don't. Out of England the perfect guy like Concord remember all those things only got out. You up the kitchen and a look at our report but you know I completely illegal. It could be deadly in the attic. That you could create have to work it deep. Palin is not listen down while you guys are talking I just had that someone else is looked at the house and they looked at last week I have some good news. The grandma. Is still alive so no dead lady and the addict plus looks like someone just found her roommate. Okay. I am not trying to say how ask. I'm sorry. I'm going to call the bank and went to kick a bit slow natural born like that for you do that there's something you should know. But her dead body in the chimney. Nick you know that would be awesome though no actually this is losing more big ZYZ 104 acres under assets of phones cameo. Okay. Thought you. I wouldn't you cheerleader who. Yeah my Yahoo! my body in the attic probably. Are. I.