WOTR Cara, David and the "Break"

Friday, July 21st

Cara's boyfriend David said he wanted a "time out" from their relationship. He told her everything was just fine, and he needed some time to "get to know himself" again...but she doesn't believe that for a second!


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Five. Losers in the red violets are blue and when she mornings and you have better choosy you love. And it starts now I saw the characters he went into the money care I am orient. So we're gonna be putting your boyfriend to the test today. Well he's sort of my boyfriend I am. I just sort of break right now though rice and that's suitable reason behind this correction yeah sort OK so explain to everybody what happened. Okay now. David and I have been together her legs almost two years and there's never had any real major problems or anything. Arms you know English. Well at least I once saw Lyle play it. Not anything periods. Like no not a sob story. So a couple weeks ago. He told me that he has this idea. Anyone actually. Take a break from each other for a while. And aghast. You know he's that Blake. Q Dana relationships are so long as sort of things a little break from it would be good for both of you agree with. No I don't agree with back wage. I've been happy in our relationship I don't know why keeping even need a break did you ask him why. Alley he said that he just wants a little kinder and tells her lie down. All and it amber it's just a little and now it's too late to get to know him solved at all by. Idiots that would spread a little more her. When he said that did you believe them. No not really means you guys aren't all that time we were together and I don't know wiley all of a sudden he thinks she can more time by himself. Okay see you don't buy the whole I just need alone time now okay what do you think the real reason hands. I think when I says like I need some time what he's really saying is like I need some time strain it was another girl option and that she says no then I'm gonna come running back yeah. Yeah I you know I think a lot of guys listening to our show right now are silently agreeing with you and god is on you want us to put David to the test then. Okay and then at least Israel though for sure one way or another if your theory is right. Yeah okay time they do questions we ask everywhere there is is artistic question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. I and question to you how certain are you that when you get these three flowers he's gonna take you to send him to go. Well. Nobody else should he return and do it last season as well. Well you know he is getting to know himself again so all right let's find out. I. Good morning I'm calling for a David and please. Data welcoming David my name is Bob and I'm calling from a brain you floral delivery service called floral designs dot com how are you today. Our own lives in area. I'm great so I'm sure you're a busy morning heading east on knocking it take a lot of your time here but I was curious if you've ever heard of our company V or heard of floral designs dot com or what we do. None now think. Well basically word like an online flower shops and the next I need to get flowers for your wife your girlfriend your mom you don't even have to step into a flower show you could order with a touch of your finger. Now because were still relatively unknown in your area. We're basically giving away free orders helped spread the word about ourselves sell. The reason I called you today is this if there's any when you wanna send some free flower still it doesn't cost you anything. And you don't have to sign up for anything is basically like having a free sample are you just couldn't. There's so it won't cost you anything. No totally free all we ask is that if you like our service then the next time we need order flowers you think of using us. Instead that's yet and the flowers we send. Are really nice it's like a huge bouquet of long stemmed red roses sound you know anyone who you want a surprise with some roses. Our mission as soon. Okay and get my form here for a quick and their legacy this won't cost you any thinks I'm not even gonna take any info from you. Although we do need to know the name of the person you like us to send these roses tale. Okay dad would be Michelle. Okay and the flowers are gonna come with a card as well what do you wanna put on the cards. I do like choices. Well no you can put whatever you want as long as it's under a 180 characters. Okay. I put down put down this could down. I know we always said I'd just a huge you know. Well. I jump. I jumped okay. That's that's actually kinda cool lines from like a movie or something. Yeah that's from Titanic a favorite movies. Kind of like you did inside meaning because we're both in different relationships were really good that if one of us got out of there and the other worldly to. I get it and then OK see you got out of yours. Well you know on the we'll see you again. Okay tell you what it out. You won and I'm alone or he could definitely never seen Michelle. I can't believe you used over and I you know. But she probably has like sixteen different diseases there's something from what turned my cheat on early and kind. Care six. Hey David. Bob let me jump in here real quick healthy this is actually a flower shop this is busy morning T radio show and right now you're on to say that you called war of the roses that was Kara. She actually assistive when you do the test today to find out the truth. You know I'm so glad to Allegheny was a time out you can lose your outline OK you know what I I could you want how you hear how. We expect don't think that's a little about it and break up with me like a man all right just say what you wine lakes day that you went out. Not treating me like a back up plan. All the luck hold on you would rather my deck of Lilly deal make is which of what was supposed to go to break right and that was supposed to be trying to do paying. Up one of the new thing that you're trying it and it though and. It after two weeks to Michelle you're probably gonna need it what I don't understand why I you'd be like this I mean we know we've had on break right now. Let me state cannot expect. I did get a quick time now RA okay yeah I remember it over. Laura who goes yeah.