WOTR Rich and the "NOPE"

Friday, July 21st

Rich from Richmond seems like the perfect guy! Unless he's secretly HIDING the reason for his visits...


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Loses a red violets are blue on Wednesday mornings in all of your man. She's seal up. And he starts now. Movie can be out for the roses do if you need details on how does go to Z 104 dot. That's where you'll find all the information you need a please welcome Colleen to the show hello Colleen hi so who are we putting to the test today. We have been raised to that OK who is rich. Savage of the gang met a couple months ago actually Memorial Day weekend I got the ocean front. So we are at in an outdoor bar over there at the light hanging over me it'll outside. Mean this. Guy yet at that this act. It don't mean about my girlfriend are there and. You're talking this guy takes and he tells me terms Richmond but he bidding for the weekend. So you know long story short in that meeting for breakfast the next day and that kind of our first day. Let's did you did you meet your birth records ready just roll over and nudge you for recommend. Old and he definitely met for breakfast. No one night stand kind of person is easy. Sixth reliever back that says we basically talk for a couple hours and calculus to keep you get. And educating the drag out from Richmond the next weekend I wasn't as big as an adventurous. That industrialists in the his name is rich and he's from Richmond. Yeah. Yeah. So we add a question so he said he would drag from Richmond to see you next weekend great eighty pronounced change. You've got a friend who lived here and that he would visiting. It's checked he. Yet Toni keeping coming back pretty much every weekend since then. Things have been going good. The last week I totally I felt bad. He's always having to drive down a couple of I would come up and seeing if he wants. And to me not to worry about it he said he hasn't played his place as small there's nothing to do in Richmond. He like committed to be genuine and critically think much about it and tell my girlfriend's from lake do you think it'll be here do you believe come of the EU and their once you get the him. I'm definitely getting yet and here as well maybe there's a reason he didn't want you to come see him in Richmond. I see like like a girlfriend Lara why. Yeah or a wife we definitely had that before. OK so I guess really be putting rich from Richmond since the roses task. Okay time for the two questions we ask every war of the roses participant question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. All right and question to you how certain are you that when he gets these free flowers he's gonna pick you to send him tail. I mean. I'm pretty sure to order. Okay well let's find out. And a. I. Yeah. And tying play a big share it and please. Goodling she my name's Ashley and calling from a brain needs a delivery service kind of flood designs dot com Harry today. Spirit are you angry things asking. Everything and calling is because our company is bringing him had you ever heard of this the fourth floor designs that term. Appreciate and. Okay well we're trying to fix that problem with the great permission and we've partnered up with visa and MasterCard and are offering anybody who tries this out in one time only free use of our service. And basically. Get to send a dozen residents to anybody you want and it's absolutely free. Adding that sound like something you child for free is there anybody know that deserves some bridges residents. I looked cool actually act I can't figure out of a couple people. How could it. Okay well we do have to tear the case for free and anything after that it's gonna cost you the normal price said he license and raises to some people for free. Syria sound good. I happily sign up for anything after it. You don't have to sign up for anything after there's no obligation whatsoever it's a completely free trial. Looked at them a sense that seventy. Actually I'm not once like for small how many did keys are we sending Harry and you wondered teal. Well look it. Is okay and I think names added to people are receiving flowers. OK the first order. Is for Britney. And the second is. Colleen. Okay and each of the K is gonna come with a little card. So when he went to put on the card for the first one. Is that we want for Britney it's. Okay put Aaron. I don't know sent flowers very much but I you're the only girl who I would do. Love Richie. Richie Rich McKay. And that what do you wanna put on to other card this could be either one or learn Colleen. This has put down the same thing area or is it going to be on the artery. No unless you wanna separate their names. Now it could say elite. Bill but pretty able won this retaliated over the book at. Sounds like you've got like one too many girlfriends there. Well you know at this day as political play of Heatley gave that a. How your game did he told bell that. That's all it. Pool. Idiot and I know that all the time you're coming to be needed someone else waiting for you back home. Fourth we found a fluid at. Hey rich. Let me kinda hear her and help me out. On this isn't really a flower companies this is actually busy morning zoo radio show in Virginia Beach and right now you're missing that we do called war of the roses how. This simply to the test today. It's good discussion on the floor and I would pick I couldn't even do a big. That is. Pretty good about it does a lot of youth. Meat and that's (%expletive) we've been lying. Here goes on here there's really no flowers. That's right and we ask you you're gonna send to you pick two girls and he told both that you love them there Richie Rich. That's very good year as really tricked you live yeah yeah and I question who is the girl. You might hurt him you know you've been writing down here and having sex with me every weekend. Can't think of this gonna hang out now dialogue where Google I don't hang up we've been in and help me the true. You know. Boo. We didn't just say no. Oh hole OK well he wasn't a man about it he didn't stay on the but I'm pretty sure you already know the truth Colleen. I'm in complete shock right now I. I cannot believe that attacks. One BC news warrant. It's.