DWW Gina, Renee, Bruce and the Threesome Gone Bad

Friday, July 21st

How many times do we have to say it? Most threesomes end up with PROBLEMS!! Here's a perfect example...


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Location opened up at the end of August and that means they are hiring by the way so make sure you either eat or work. I could order both at the dirty buffalo. This morning zero. Let's show you guys doing trying to in my life make me look like a brigadier. I listen and Mariano. How dirty work when he's out here for 73104 point five hi who's this. It is Xena. Gina what are your hands dirty work Wednesday. He's this is. It's complicated situation but it involves my best friend and her 'cause it's. OK so let's say it was your best friend what's what's your best friend's name there okay and what's her husband's name. So what's going on with Renee and briefs. I. A few weeks ago it was there it is brick and act he'd change. An age that people start feeling a little older. Bills. Her name came up but so. Plan to help them deal not overshadow about turning colder. On his birthday is oh against long story short gasoline. How I am ready spiel about joining them on the bench I'm. We'll play a couple of the birth date of this. Did you mean did you go through. It. That. Okay and I'm anti a wild guess here concede that this is where things started getting complicated. Well I mean like in London at Bradley we know that. A good laugh about it and I and that. Okay used. Yeah I mean hang completely drunk and I could address homeland. You're always bid so. It's late I'm the only argument is. Okay. Oh yeah sure of course got. So that you said there's a problem now. That. The problem is that educated actors have an attorney inning it's. Terms prayers match first Erica slate he has it and I need that and texting being played. Anger and keep her marriage attention now eyes and my act he what are you doing that weekend and simply asked you can adapt to unity and without. Me there and our place. And it gives it doesn't favor from my best friend she did it get so let me get it ain't got so it is expected to intervene and regulate saying. Okay and what and what he's saying. Can't say Ted excuse me and pushing me this year and on lake is that you Egypt does not happen again and she don't. I have a how are OK you know. OK so did did that work he stopped. Oh and have you told Britney. You know and I am afraid you know that she can I think that I me encouraged there early and conspiring with hammer something. Look at this that we could you're definitely not download this. You know. What your problem is you think if you glittery name she's gonna be like why were you texting my husband's. Yeah actually it can take that hurts could be is rare earth science. And you know he just got kids out of there. And I am and I am not for our friendships. OK see you we you'd need you need him to admit that this was all his idea. Well we can we can do that why don't we call him up and then you can talk to him about it. But let's see if we can get Renee. To listen in secretly on another line. That we when he admits everything she'll be listening and then bam you have all the proof do you need OK. Okay so. And by the way don't worry we where were quite good at that cell. I do need to get some poll numbers are new so hang on second in the we'll call Bruce when we come back. We heard from. Losing G yeah. Yeah Gina now here's bikinis you just catching up. Has the best friend named Rene Rene has caused the name Bruce. You weeks ago it was vs birds and acts trance and an age that people start feeling a little older now. Apple's. Rene Haynes came up Clinton's plan to help them guiana so fat. Turning boulders. On his birthday is so against long story short she asked me. How I would feel about joining them in the Belgium. I don't know we'll hook up okay. Everybody data but it's. So did you glean if you go through and. I did the problem is that asking is actor have and I training tax terms bread and Patrick Barrett played here isn't any but and detecting things but hate and anger and keep our marriage a pension gone and learning actually added scaling that weekend and eventually I actually had a bat to do it again but without. Me there and I'll play. And instead this doesn't favor trying to backtrack and she did it get so let me just paint special items like that they're gonna be a regular thing. Okay and what and what he's saying. Did faith have excuse me and forcing me to share translates into that you need to Arctic not gonna happen again and she don't ask. I'm cascades. Heller. I don't so that's what that's the setup for the super exerted this. How could very old trade at all in fact an easily have been maybe. Twice in history of dirty were Wednesday that the person we were talking about was listening to dirty work Wednesday. And called the show we have. Yeah yeah. It'd be any doubt yeah. Okay and so we I picked up that you told me that she's completely lying about all this. Correct OK so what is your side of the story. Like that just a little more what she told news that basically only heard things you don't hurt the party my light for me it is getting that they're bad. I saw you here it's not shoot back. And then hurt my wife. I do you know. Okay yeah yeah yeah we we we heard all of this she said it was remains idea and she said it was for your birthday. I thought that at the time and let him out that it involves a lot. This is used to. I think what you have here. The women who wouldn't love which might Y and usually don't play as an excuse. You'd think. Jeanne is in love with your life. And she says she's trying to make all of this seem like I'm the wonders sheet it. Well the reality that the tour the. I think Jimmy is such as the still you don't Gina and Rene I cheating. I know the she goes over there and spend the night with her she's that good because she hadn't been sicker or something and she helped take care herself around the house. Action at all. Thank you and I need it bang it and then need to know about you and mayor Ed kind of make it look like I'm cheating on my flight got independent radio station can you want to see what I'm shooting in Finland made important Mickey. She took out full support. What you you can go on and lose your happy life. I don't mind thought you know you tell her she didn't. And Geno Hayes. They need this troopers of ROK are you in love with Renee. We have been in my best friends though lake in it if you can combat. Oh wait that you love your best friend in the yes but well. We should spend the night with you and your caddie shack where error I shape action that there practices. Coming clean my outlawed the background and we. You know from Hamburg drinking much an eye color image I have but that's not having an air at duke friend right there. There. Yeah. I deplore. You believe that went missing from this very messy puzzle is ray nay. That's who I would like is there any chance we get current on this conversation. Being lied yet she's probably gonna cover the Lugar an Indiana. Well I think Renee it would tell the trip to. Is she available right now where. Where he's at work okay we need to get her on because I. I'm very inches in the story now we either fight out the truth both of you guys stay in line for a second I need to get britney's number.