DWW Adam, Kristy, and Uncle Danny

Friday, July 21st

All of Adam's friends are CONVINCED that his new girl Kristy is sleeping with the older dude she lives with...but what's REALLY goin on here?


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Where Wednesday. So. Yeah. Yeah I have a problem is the ideal time helpless and 304 point five didn't do at all. Bad taste but a lot dreadful dreadful times that I was too. I figured with these on the air force 73 with a four point five hi who's this. That it Adam what can you begin this dirty work Wednesday. So out of a big withdrawal and shouldn't have a better guy at all let's bring you told me she's pretty sure that the guys who live. But she says she is there. We'll watch how okay so there's a lot going on here okay what's the girl's name the your dating. Okay since she lives with a guy like his or her acts or something. Bloated brother writes that if I don't weird actually go ahead Christie has derivatives and Alex. Poking. He's got three girls living together and they have a each house down at the ocean. And options bears. The older guy named Pierre knows it and let the girls lived there are rare breed. Oh well I'll cook so big heavy beach house down the ocean right that they don't pay anything Lauren. Yeah wow. I guess it pays to be hot right yeah yeah so you said this DN guy owns it does he live there too. Sometimes. It seemed like you got a couple of houses it preloaded. OK I got tipped and you say he's older than the girls. Yeah I've got to do lightly forties and fifties. OK so this older rich guy he lets the girls live at his house for her furry. And so now everybody just assumes that these girls are the air firm more than. Just conversation. Yeah I guess. Like cavaliers relationship Bigelow call a local daily. It'll take amounted go to the fair this is just real debate is truly reloaded and they'll put pictures up on a bigger break. All of them their bikinis it'll say all right another day impaired it's a vote and vote you know support that. This is so frank is actually know someone that we've referred to as uncle Danny but this sounds like nothing I didn't last enough this. Snip bill Windsor concluding I can't have you met this uncle and any yet. So great he knows. Christiane they're dating I guess she told them about any sort of bringing that they'll go out. So your friends are all giving you crap he said like about what they Christie is sleeping with uncle Danny. Yeah basically dictate the play you know Ramos sugar daddy relationships work right. Public. Yeah its true we often ask you about it should I deserve credit to these really great person. OK okay. Common sense check here for a second Adam forget your dating Christie. Forget that she's not forget you have any feelings are common sense speaking only. Looking at this situation. Do you feel like she's leaving within. I feel like. If need be warm up early in terms but I don't think she it. I reaping what ever made as opposed sky treat her right to you great luck printing error need to sort yeah. OK see you think her roommate is possibly seeing him but not Christie. OK so why are you calling us to. It would kill my nerves so I don't assures. So I was tickled Christie he wants to call this uncle Dini guy. I think he clearly decline due whistle alternately anyway. Yeah yeah okay so we're calling Christie and. Yeah we daughter and our ideas that I don't water being asked anything to do with the. Yet that's a problem we can do that. So one thing we're gonna need though if you can get did you happen to know what uncle peonies last name in news. Narrow Islam but I can find an accident that she. I pictures okay. Get that for us then we also any Christie's numbered as we're going to be calling her when we get back. Let. Them and trying to reach a Christie the beast. You. I can see my name's Ashley I'm calling from the office and doctor Samuel hunter yeah that I second to talk. There. Just like you know up. Friends I need to share some personal medical information making your. About whatever patients we're only doing sandwich is authorization and I'll still anything you and I discussed is privileged information and won't be shared with anybody else okay. OK you let cunanan's. We just finishing a patient named Daniel. Spray sexually transmitted in action. And we asked him if he went asked to contact any recent sexual partners that we could inform them of being action Inky former cyclone antibiotics. And he gave us a list of recent sexual partners and our calling everybody just they're that they're aware of all of their options would. Actually it's not worry about. Only had a very mild case of chlamydia which weakened treatment they really quick 48 hour cycle of antibiotics. In offices you you may not even need east because you may not be affected. What I need to know her eyes when is the last time you had contact Andy sexual nature with mr. and. I don't know can Connecticut calling on doctors. You can and they won't give you a prescription for anything unless you actually need it. And we won't know if you actually need it and my seeking Dennis a timeframe of the last time you had sex with mr. I'm so confused Jerry now. And truly disgusting that is skating in mud. Armed with any time in the past month. Get a hit and was their more involved vengeance sad. I mean if Obama making now it's close but not actually next. UK then that let me check fresh her hold on 12 for me okay. Okay. Well. A well. Yeah not all me. There is your answer then. You knew they are simple and it still apparently there is no such industry ranks. I wish it would mean the truth. You wanna talk here and we can put you lawn with her as like the doctor or something. No way I do know that doctor Judy it. Appears there are. It would be that but we will hang up on Aaron. Actually we eat we should make. This whole thing like super cliffhanger race for her down. And Jessica I want to ask camp. All hallows is Christie. Yeah. Hi this is doctor Sean Mendez looking at the results of Daniel's tests and it looks like there's a very strong possibility that you should get tested right away for a very severe case of the guy. I've just plain mean positive each time it's going to be scared for the rest of the day and.