Phone Scam The Strange Tasting Water

Friday, September 15th

Annette thinks she's been tasting something funny in the city's water supply. I guarantee it's not as funny as this phone scam!


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Your family this probably recorded it's I could be careful and answering that call he couldn't eat another New Zealand. Is there. Yes I'm trying to region and it. Eats. It. Good morning ms. Richards in this I'm Colin from Cynthia Hampton department of public works I understand there's a problem with your ruler editor. I. Trying to explain it to people that everybody thinks I'm crazy did you do something to the water well. Good news you know act crazy and it there. Submitted changed hundreds of the war editor. All right a couple of weeks ago we had a smile incident at the city were ordered treatment facility and a dangerous amount of Mercury ended up he get into the city Reuters supply. So we're able to filter most of it out little loud at Steve in order. And I'm assuming that's Jude tasting okay. Good thing. And the that's did you not answer and imprisoned army to help us determine if you might need medical assistance. It isn't in question survey mostly. Yes or no tax stuff. Why medical. 21. Does your skin has become it GO over the past two weeks. And I don't think it one year. And over your head your feet you're extremities. I don't sound okay in use you say you did notice that it takes a blue router was different. It would like. A bit. Oh boy okay have Eddie Hannity trouble sleeping at all recently. I he had trouble reading a couple of kinda glad to. No I'll take any visions are hallucinations. No no I. I ask you this week's your bags are you able to see the back of your eyelids. I closed my. Oh. Okay and have you Sunnis are lately than usual. I. Mean now. How many years may ease the currently shooting pain like the devil himself is coming straight out of your nose hole. Well. I don't think so OK so sounds like he's he got a touch in the Mercury in your rule or editor so in order to compensate for the inconvenience. I have been authorized by the city to deduct 10% off of your next month's water meal. Also were going to be may the new compound. For a free Taco Bell case a regional. Coaches elected Jason. So that they. When you enemy finish it's kind of acted chase idiot but it actually has a burrito. Sat indicates that. And I mean I've been under. Better luck. It's a taste of freedom so it's not rebel redoubt tasted yet how. RYE. Ink you should be pushing it out. The chemical would allow one tablet ready about it and and do it off like we talk. Years and we're very sorry about that also one more thing I'm afraid you're gonna hand you induce a yourself to vomit. What. Yet here I have to vomit to get any of the Mercury may have ingested in the past 24 hours out of your system. What kept me myself I wedding booked and. I you've had this to those tried that last cooking that's. This is not. And I beat her up you should try the vomiting thing I. Make my mom. Well now you know not everybody can do it I'd be happy to come over to help you if you need help. Yeah I adding a complete stranger I'm. A lot. It's not Charlotte though I need to be arrows actually enjoy watching people vomit. OK okay this conversation in an appropriate. What's your name right now and I talked cheers super right. Okay my name is Richard Candace. He east Asian. It is. Got. Annette this is busy morning zero a zero where you just got loads. That old life. I figured out my oh so that's why. You're your husband Eddie is losing enough for a phone skins and whenever you want revenge on him you you let us know okay. Oh I definitely. Wish he would not getting a free with paid click.