DWW Heather Todd and the ex Amanda

Friday, September 15th

Heather thinks her man Todd is sneaking off to spend time with his ex, Amanda. With one phone call, we may have started an ALL OUT WAR on this one!!


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I'm our eyes Erica wasn't what it was yeah I'm Judy we're Wednesday security alert and stay on the icy morning zoo. Dirty word when things on here for 73104 point five hi who's this. Pattern they have they're likely to be on the street where Wednesday. Well I think my boyfriend 98 you talk to you that acts. And actually yes I think he was quite tee over her place right now. 8 o'clock in the morning yes it's what would he be doing over there right now do you think he's spent the night. Don't you work third shift in many comes home so usually he's home if they I I I don't think you're coming into a pet. I'd I don't think you know I wake. Up spoke okay see your baggage he hits home you here and he kinda look at the clock in the back to sleep. Yeah but in the past couple weeks he's in really late tee time. And you think this is because he's sneaking out to be this acts. Yeah I think he's going over there and acting around thinking I'm not home and he can simply be that I don't notice that. And he many tracker. Ghani a donor any thing. No old last week as far as acts had texted and it makes it a little box like QPP small G so. That's what kinda got me. No chance he's just like working overtime or meeting going out for direct his Beers after work or any named. No well I mean he's not allowed to work overtime he already got hours. What is your boyfriend's name. It's hot and how you guys again. Since the summer so a lot of coupon people who did meet July. She's he lives. You go like that it would it would actually going really well up until now okay. What is is his name. A man locked and I ain't easy the nineteen scanner actually caller on me and I can't. I think it's nice touch that to you Matt and I went over to her plate to help him get stopped. Oh okay so so Todd live with Amanda before he lived with Leo. Yeah. This guy sounds just like a winner right now. OK so we think that tied Hui short boyfriend and lives with you is sneaking off to be with his ex Amanda who used to live with right before you. Yeah but you don't know for sure. I am pretty sure but I'd I don't. OK and you want us to help you get some. If you might guess all we collect. Us who wears this Amanda person I wish she lived what city. Newport News OK and what type of residence that she had like a house or Condo and apartment. At an apartment. OK perfect you happen have a phone number refer that she might answer if we call. I think I Q yeah. Well let's give her a call when we come back and see if we can find out if mr. tied it is having a little post work breakfast party over at the x.s place. Yeah I mean to keep over there I swear to you I will. Like debacle work right out to right myself well there I can't actually use. Hang on we're gonna find out next. I'm trying to reach Amanda if possible. Oh good okay. I'm trying to get a hold all the attendance this morning call and from the main office of the apartment complex did you places service order for your shower to be fixed. You know. OK I think maybe that was next door do you OK the other reason calling Italy know that we had a lot of unauthorized parking and are lots. And they're gonna start holing some of these vehicles this morning unless they have a visitor pass hanging in there window do you currently anybody besides yourself parked in our locked. Actually act I have a friend over rate now. It will be card will know. What I can do is to tell the truck driver not to tell him just for today can you to give me a quick what's what's the make and model of the car. Can't. It. We're normal. People. Do well. It fell under. OK and what color is it. And the license plates I can kinda write that down. Acquired. W. I. On the oh yeah. And I don't know. You're talking to you. I know exactly who I'm talking huge if it ain't my boy. What I tell. But Beckett. Out you don't efforts toxic you like at you tell me. It's only and still keep your mouth shot. Ariza I have got to get a hooker. So why this might wait for a yeah. Now. You to come over here you still learn some manners. I had no problem what to teach you. Won't go below you can try to get up and we even let you don't. Yeah. Or not she had a huge heat intended. Right now trust me you're gonna regret it. But Jeanine do you paper it Allen and and you are you content to be your man okay so pull your dad.