WOTR Laurie the wuss and her BF Kyle

Friday, September 15th

Laurie has suspicions that her boyfriend Kyle is seeing someone behind her back. So she set him up for War of the Roses, but the real surprise is what happened right before he got busted!


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Yeah surprise. Loses in the red violets are blue on Wednesday morning and you have better chews you up. And it's Dicey now let's take this opportunity to remind you that you can always hear old war of the roses and dirty works and bone scans online as he went over like I'm. For those of you who yelled at me today and update them for a couple weeks they are now update I'm paying. Glory to the show hello Laurie hello till we're gonna be putting your boyfriend to the test today. Yes and what's his name wild okay and how long hidden on the thing is they they followed your viewing Kyle being your relationship. Slow leak and. Dating around sir almost two years but as far as being in her relationship it's been all that left and. Okay why are we putting Kyle to the test today. Well. I think you might be. Being somebody else beside me. Well I think we all know that that's the reason I met was why do you think that. And because he's been acting a little bit differently he liked to win more idyllic this and now and keeping an eye. Tax somebody like he always says it's one of its friends from war. And these text message on the coming during the day or some of them come late at night. He's getting Tex at 11 o'clock in the morning I wouldn't be too worried but it is 11 o'clock at night that's kind of a different story. And no I mean he called it Scientologist. OK I think actually be the person to tell you. High heels are not cheaters that's why she married line at least my guy is not eight's here I can't speak for all of them now. We're gonna find out if this tiles each year on what we're gonna deal lorries or an offer Kyle a dozen roses that he could send anybody wants and you're gonna get here who we picks. And what he puts on the cart okay. I don't. All right time for the two questions that we ask every war of the roses participate question one. Are you sure you want all of this on the year. I mean is there any way that you guys could do it. Off. I mean are we cool lady but then we have to play desperate CEO for the 700. And I'm going to commercial than we have nothing on the air. So it's either we do it on the air or we have to move on to remember you don't have to do this if you don't want to you. That's a sign OK so listen we're putting this on the air. Okay and question two how certain are you that when he gets these flowers to send some of these gonna take you to send entail and all that. I'm not sure I mean I don't PG union in Ayman girlfriend. OK well let's find out. It. I kinda speaks like count and please. I think my name's Ashley and calling from a brain Neil well delivery service console designed dot com Harry ET de. I could play and things are asking. Anyways that reason I'm calling is to ask if you've ever heard of our company before I'm what we deal. Have you heard of learn designs dot com. You know it I don't think so far it. Came when Neil Clara company that allows you to basically ordered flowers with the push of a bus and he's an MR calling into Clara shot easier order came extract Christine. And this week we're actually reading a permission to spread the word out about ourselves where visa and MasterCard users eighteenth I say this script free. One time only I guess had accidentally pre. Sailing there but he'd like to send some three platters to. It completely great. Yes it's absolutely free it's not gonna clash with and I got to do is tell us who you won his descendants and gorgeous roses Selig and what she wanna put on the card game. Like me can we stop I don't wanna do it. Two capitals mind. Diet diet I don't wanna it is an. Oca will we sort are doing what. We sort are doing it right now he can hear everything your saying so you just sort of ruin this for yourself. I don't I don't care I don't know did against AIG I think I think I admit I what is going on excuse me what's going on. Just maybe I mean. I'm just playing a joke I need to hang out Lori. Lloyd and it would be jailed but it did hurt SoHo. It and hang out. OK a block leader just hang up crowds are in an alert. Okay well there. You know it's works right you know that we put you on the other line he can hear you know. Yeah I am I'm sorry they just and it's a bit wanted to go to edit in your heart and changed them. I apologize I see you need to apologize to everybody listening to one into syrup Kyle was gonna say. And all I know I didn't. Changed my mind and so. BC news warrant rose. 757 excuse at all.