DWW Nate,Lisa,and the Swinger Surprise

Friday, September 22nd

Nate started dating Lisa after a one-night stand, but he quickly noticed some strange things about their "dates"...what secret is she hiding?


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Yeah yeah Wednesday. So. I handled the problem is the ideal mile point 7310405. At all. That pace but a lot of old friends and I'm glad I was told us. When he's here for 73104 point five who's next but it is Nate big day between history and his dirty work Wednesday. But I need your help I am. And as being a good few weeks ago we actually got on the first night but. Now it kind of turned into us dating I'll. OK CC got the whole awkward seeing each other naked part of the way on the first night stand at this as good strategy what does the girl's name. It'd be OK see you at least hooked up but that turned into dating. Yes but what you just did this thing every time we would now she gets up supplant older. So I just kind of attitude about her in particular home if you want it at all times she was Larry Garrett can use drugs to try to department and slow thing elevator banks have to say in America. Hershey okay sushi Hoover's TU and she gets dropped off at the end their friend's place. Yeah Sarah. Old she's Mary and. Yeah. So it's did you know that. She doesn't like you see where she lives. And she slept with in the first night he matter it sounds like a team like to me. But that's not well so one night they had to go back to replace. There's something Andy to tell you appraisal freak out. I'm technically married. They play. Technically does he put that I'm technically married but like I should say I technically just gave you herpes. Yes I had. If you're buried what you're doing. I would leave and she's like. Well my husband and I have an open marriage she doesn't have a problem. It's finally lied to you yeah already don't like our need to get in line. Well have you ever met her husband. Are not OK but she says no it's cool it's because we have an open marriage correct. Asked to meet her hull has been so that you can hear him say it. Well let us open you've got to do it there. Could you see Casey you want us to find her marriage is really open and or if it's the other kind of marriage you know like normal people don't. Exactly. But I have a question. So save their marriage is an open marriage. Are you OK with being in that type of situation. Cannot really. It's like we do is grow. Our largest. I can't describe the things she does without getting in trouble or if I told you know BK Gupta radio. Well OK I. This truck completely blows your mind among other things so for you it wouldn't matter that she was still married. I mean it wouldn't matter. If if what you say it was true. Okay you're not sure yes. Okay I'm betting he'll like a hundred bucks that she's lying to you and regaining it this has been on the stunning he's just going to be like. Premier age yet like since well I don't get why we try to get the bulls on the phone at the same time. So he'll have them both on and they you can commie and and the like so your wife's Asia an open marriage what's that like. You idea that's. Not that kind of maybe that you think you can do that. God I hope so because that would be the most awkward thing in the world he. Here when she's on the line and then seize on the line or like so that open marriage so okay. I ever play in forming so let's talk during this break and then we come back we're gonna make it happen. What we're attempting to deal is we're trying to get her out of her name is Lisa we're gonna try to get lease on the phone or also trying to get. Her husband on the phone same time. And then we're gonna ask. So you're an open marriage right and your husband's cool that if the husband is on the phone do you think she'll tell the truth or do you think she'll be like. I think should tell entry. I think she's and he colored pants down and I think that's because she's gonna like it I'd. She did you think this is about to be the most awkward thing we've done and I hope. She tells that you could put the yeah yeah yeah exactly so aren't so. Now here's the other problem we don't have her husband's phone number right so we got to figure out a way to get that. Let's call at least the first. And and let's put Nate outlined three and it seemed to get the husband. Nobody can speak to Lisa please. Lisa my name is James saint Patrick I'm calling from the and insurance. I'm calling it she's myself tee because I'm actually your new agents we absorb the other agencies that you were insured through so I was giving your file. And if you have any questions on the guy that you can talk to okay. Oh OK Laura thorough analysis. And we. I know we actually bought them off Wheatley. We call absorbing I think it's supposed to sound better I don't know they wait your home you ought to argue us now and the that's the only change itself for now. You'll have me pay your for your home. I think there's more than one name on the coverage it is the other one would be your husband. Okay and what is his name. Regardless. Doubt it's all there it is okay see now Douglas okay great. On the call him AG's myself as well and that he's there with you right now. I don't know he are you afterward. Okay and I can tell there's a current phone number for him anywhere and here you have what I can reach your match. Good and it seven point seven neat. For any pride. I've only opulence and is that I can get him on the line too and I can go over two things a bogey at the same time and they're really both quick. Oh okay great hang on one sec. Okay needs. Is ready and everybody else we are ready to swim in the awkwardness. Of this moment. Good morning I'm calling you speak to Douglas police. Are ordered Doug. Big god this is busy mornings you nick actually check against he won a four how are you today. Under her your. Great so listen there's a reason we called this morning and I know you're heading to work right now so we're gonna be real quick. First of all let's bring your wife Lisa on with those ailments I get. These are you there. OK great so we've got both Lisa and dog on with us we also have neat on with us and neat how they question for you Doug. On her. Indy is so yeah I'm not sure you're aware of this and if you're not I am truly sorry. But. I've actually been seeing your life for the past few weeks and that according to her you guys have an open relationship. Okay cool. Side. I didn't and is that true did Albrecht who minute what we're going aren't movement. These ads on this isn't an insurance company is actually busy mornings he once he went off for we've got dumped on the line with us because according to Nate. You say you guys have an open marriage. What I. That's actually true we do have an open marriage. Like Dick did you do. I don't hold when you viewed her own blue. Although I didn't know hopefully go to television episode. I'm trying to wrap so wait judge you at least to have an open marriage. Now. Mean sort of I guess alleged. I guess you really college swingers yeah. Wow you looked so yeah. We know we look for people who are interested in joining us in the bedroom but he's not supposed to be out there looking for people without so. I hope you're not many remember and that he kind of look like actor can be like our own. Yeah I remember okay aren't officially your. Eight he. But. This whole thing that kind of got over to hear from him concepts that in this whole sleep. Thing you guys do so yeah. Aren't perfect colorblind and I have been hurt that they got a lot in common. I can only think of one. Paying and they haven't. Yeah that's your that it uses to it now yeah. I'm not not in the same people are dead. Well now you know I wouldn't yeah. Yeah you're sharing your hard drinking. Yes our resident.