WOTR Morgan, Paul, and the Unusual Lunch Date

Friday, October 6th

Morgan is worried because her boyfriend Paul has been going to the SAME PLACE every day for lunch...and she found out it's NOT for the food...


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Poses a re start when she won't lose and you can. Choose the war of the roses yeah. Time and it's Dicey now like nobody to judge and I'm not pass episodes of war of the roses or dirty word went zero for cancers by doing Susie well for. There's so many of them out there it's scary. Highs we welcome Morgan to busy mornings are good morning Morgan made. Semel who are really put into the test for you today. Little boy and hall OK why are we putting the ball to the test. OK so concerned about easy going the same place. So rumors she's she's 908. Explaining played serve you were simply out. I'm going to and I work an anatomy and first and I can get a big deal but. And he became. He's equipment who works marriage. And senate bill we're paying it and happy apparently stalking her and it's. And like here's Smart LA east commits the old school days and you know I family stake earnings com where they definitely gone yeah if you wanna catch him cheating these days got a pilot if they got on social media yet or I would see or look to his phone gas. So okay you and your friend has a crush on this girl. I don't know it. I'd like to hear about whether they concern. You and hopefully you want. Yeah I mean I think that this well I hope. Yeah yeah. Okay yeah. Author Paula dozen roses that he can than anybody wants here and it's here who he picks and what he puts on the card okay. All right time for the do questions we ask everywhere the roses bridges in question one are you sure you want all of this on the year. All right and question Q how certain are you that when Paul gets these flowers to sentiments they choose you descend into and not somebody else. We didn't have little or simple and it is so well we we know that but if you had to put a percentage on it like how sure are you. That he's kissing I would send my cousin girlfriend more again. No 88. Okay well let's find out. Yeah. I. Hello good morning and climb to speak to Paula. Priest. Idea. Good morning column my name's actually I'm calling from me bring in Neal floral delivery service cloud Florida's and backhand Harry you today. An area. I'm gray thinks you're asking Sarah anyway is the reason I'm calling is asking if you've ever heard of our company before are what we deal. Had he heard a Florida friends that come. I know I don't think so. Well ray knew Clara company that LSD to basically ordered flowers with the commission the black and says no we're going into a flower shot placing your order paying extra for same day delivery. And this week we're actually running a permission to spread the word about ourselves where visa and MasterCard easy is. It's easy service one time only to actually at least three. Kelly is there anybody like decent entry if Larry still. I know he would it. Yeah they just finished paying off my deeper and I I'm not trying to put more charges back there right now. Actually this offer is where vise users but it's totally free. Say you're not gonna be putting any charges on your card at all in fact I'm not even an ask you for your credit card number or. It's just every Travis he if you like her service and then if you deal hopefully you this again in the future. Okay. Wild and so what you need from me. Ali teaching LA is here he would like this is an iffy this camera man take red resist him. It yep and also know what you wanna put on the card that comes with them but let's start with the name of the person rescinding these fires him. OK. I guess a triple and double Hitler and I'll spoil it it at. All. Irate and like I said the flowers come with a card as well so what message would you like us to put on the cart. You know that some like. I agree that night and and you were in it kept you tie and then I'm just sign it just regulate you're secret admire. Out mystery. You know it would happen. Let it it kind of try so. I don't need anything help me about it when your girlfriend. Yeah. Actually care about the government. No net debt released this really is your girlfriend Paul. EU do you have any idea what's going on right now. I'm OK so we are not calling from a flower committee this is actually busy mornings you radio show on T one gulf war. And right now you're on war of the roses we actually have Morgan listening on the other line so she can hear everything you say. They've read it why are you flattered the world. Why aren't. You're at why that herbs flowers and I'm not sure he's playing. These things why. Don't well. It really sending them from. It was like it was up a secret admire. Did you think you anywhere you want an instead of shooting your girlfriend you see her. She. Despite their of cowards run like record that you know eight ball. And cheating but I figure I get you heard buyer so expect to be you know everybody. And how it should. And that would you say you're welcome to another girl. Hurt you to really grab. Her but I never Tolbert would be. Anyways. You got lots. I mean it do. So so so I'm Utley. What you're not act it. Okay how. Many how many. I mean to interrupt here breezes sec dot com and ask Paul the question on everybody's mind why it happened in the dreamlike what was it about. Oh. Yeah don't view it builds. It it's. Yeah killing. Morning's news oracle rose.