WOTR Chad, Heather, and the Football Addiction

Friday, October 6th

Chad asked his GF Heather to go "hang with her girlfriends" while he watched college football. Turns out she found someone BETTER to hang out with instead...


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Roses are red violets are blue on Wednesday mornings and hold your hand. Choosy you love war of the roses is. I'm and it starts now. Guys as we welcome Chad into the steam engine in them hey guys over dole and good show removing your girlfriend to the attacks today what is your name. There's other. Are you guys been together. I am about two years almost okay and why are we putting her to the test and few weekend ago. On Saturday yesterday what I wanted to do because this it was supposed to be really nice outside and I told Earl wanted to do sit on the couch and watch college football. You know believe all your cells hold them back on the huge Alabama stand. So early side. Okay and many guests she was not cool at those people hits. In her mind actually but it's got bored you know halfway through the first game and what it was finally over she's like okay now what you wanna do not like I blow watch the other gave the star. She was cooler weather yet. She's like I can't believe you wager holes Saturday it. Doing nothing like this so it's older all of your girlfriends. Go out or something else on what is it. OK show problems all. Well it actually gives you like are you know watch football all day again and I'm like I was playing on its so those. Okay I'm gonna go out with a girl again as she was gone all day and it was perfect. And now her past few weeks she's been doing this saying where it's gone all day. And finally I noticed last week when children back she's got to grow and I'm like. Where did you go so it seems like flooding you can hear you don't had to face right no Reese. Yeah gosh I have a little reason like continued her. The other thing we started coming back like. Like the way it later like ever. So when I asked her where she went. She doesn't count I don't know they got me wondering if she was like you know really whip or other girls. Or she's hiding something from it. Okay so we're gonna put hazard to the task with a little more the roads is the female edition actually telling how this works Sarah Bennett college and there and I and then pretend I'm a promotional pricing from Dick Tracy. And tell that she won a prize clinical any am. And that she can send it to any guy she wants for three. And you're gonna get to hear like sushi Tuesdays and what she puts on the card and pay. All right time for the two questions we ask everywhere there is purchasing question one are you sure you want all of this. On the air. Yeah. Good question to you how certain are you that when she gets this free anti grandest can choose you'd descended TO. How are you like if you put a percentage on her kicking you. Well I don't know but I guess seventy let's say yeah let's find out. Yeah. It. And kind to speak to I had very please. Hi my name's Ashley and calling from the Victoria's Secret permission department Harry today. Are. Are you. And thanks for asking. It to order. Yeah. Actually that's and calling. We just started a points program for people who hire merchandise. And meet so many points you win a monthly price so I'm calling dvd details on what you whine. Well and win went that they aren't it just. We Jess started it but we're counting all backed purchases from until like a year ago. Says yeah and that's why you qualify you wanna hear about what you want. It's got a DS play any grand and basically it's like singing a special guy near lake in really sexy as scarred. It's an actual air and really sixteen yeah it's all in the same team who ever you line with another attached at each lap. Okay. And the other composer he's trying to meet the hard earned. And I thought out there one. No we did a whole thing here and basically you tell less who you want it to that sheer and what you want on the carton. Incident first question is buckeye peonies did you like this is saying he had red to black choir pulled. Move. Lack okay now would you like is to send your pain and Tia. You needed any way to fool. Us. OK apparently. So it Bob the end. Okay. The OK now what do you want instant on the car. You can have a cart days. Can we keep it on the boat we don't have any more issues. We. But a little birdie and then find it from H bomb went eight stack up. From H bomb a can't accept I got to ask what happened on his. Oh god oh my god let bear with me and then ended up losing my basically out there. He is yeah. Somebody you're tackle like lol what the situation and making life miserable. And I remember a great. And Bobby and worried about it. I really hello my they had there. Had. Yeah hey listen now this is this isn't really victory secret this is busy morning CEO. And right now you're on war of the roses. Your boyfriend Chad has actually been listening the whole time. Yeah I think you're boyfriend really want total total body is. And why were they ought to vote. He won't be my group pensions get off of him. And I would girlfriend I want to do all of eat. You didn't answer that question. What questions. But didn't bother anybody. In the practice. He's not somebody who brother about it. All they want to see up to Bobby oh okay so it is clear about it but didn't take it off. We. We all go sailing on has not just me it's here you're just old and wanted to edit naked. I got chips. You know what I don't like this I don't have that the cheaters goes what are I don't know boat and come home drunk that night. Like I think but I don't need at least a lot actually spent. It was me you know without you know that they make a few other countries but you whatever you served me well he got that yeah okay. He's so great at. Okay goal all. Morning's news it's.